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July 02, 2019

Thirteen Ways to Use PVC Roll

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, we love PVC Roll- it is such a diverse material that can be used in almost every environment. In fact, I don't think we have found an industry yet which hasn't got a use for PVC. We'd love it if you liked it as much as we do, so here are thirteen ways it can be used: 

#1 Clean Rooms

Strip Curtains Direct have produced a unique anti-microbial PVC strip which is ideal for use in cleanroom environments. They will help to prevent dirt and dust particles from entering the area while allowing workers to be watched at all times. Our anti-microbial kits can be found in industries such as aerospace, electronics, food, hospitals and pharmaceutical where the utmost level of attention to product detail and care is needed.   

#2 Cold Stores

Strip curtains are a great boon to cold store environments and form an integral part of temperature control. Being able to control temperature is crucial, especially where perishable items are concerned as if the temperature is not kept at the right level, you can end up with wastage and poor-quality products, which will end up costing you money. Strip curtains help to regulate the temperature, especially when staff are coming in and out.

#3 Data Centres

We can supply you with anti-static kits that are specifically designed for data centre environments as well as in electronic manufacturing plants and workshops. They work to maximise airflow dynamics, reduce power outage and increase the effectiveness of hot and cold aisle isolation to improve the data centre capacity.

#4 Farming and Agriculture

One lesser known use of PVC strips are in agricultural environments, such as for animal access points, stabling and abattoirs. They can be used to improve access and comfortability, and also allow privacy in certain areas.

#5 Kitchens

Commercial kitchen environments are often very hot spaces and can quickly become unbearable work environments in summer months. However, it is not always an option to open doors and windows, as this will allow pests in - which can lead to hygiene issues. Plastic strip curtains are an ideal way to prevent bugs and pests from entering while allowing air to flow freely.

#6 Offices

Did you know that PVC strip curtains are also useful in an office environment as well, especially our perforated strip curtain range? This range will come in handy in the summer as it allows fresh air to circulate in the office, keeping your employees happy, while keeping out bugs, flies and wasps. We also offer a range of pest control accessories as well, such as fly zappers and fly screen doors to make sure those nasty pests don't irritate your employees at all.

#7 Pubs

Another lesser-known use for strip curtains is in cellars of pubs - to help maintain the cold temperature of the stock, especially during hot weather. They not only help to maintain the temperature of the room but can also help to reduce energy bills by 50%.

#8 Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles are most commonly used for food transport, and so as they are carrying perishable items they need to be kept at a regular specific temperature to ensure the goods they are selling remain in perfect condition. Strip curtains can be used to seal open vehicle doors during loading and delivery, making them a perfect fit for chilled environments.

#9 Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

As with kitchens, pubs and supermarkets, restaurants, bars and cafes use plastic strip curtains to help with regulating the temperature of hot areas and also to prevent cross-contamination as well.

#10 Schools

Nurseries and schools require children to be able to move freely from the inside to the outside, and our school free flow curtains are perfect for enabling this seamless flow. In the EYFS Effective Practice: Outdoor Learning 2007 document it states: "Outdoor learning complements indoor learning and is equally important. Play and learning that flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors enable children to make the most of the resources and materials available to them and develop their ideas without unnecessary interruption."

#11 Supermarkets

PVC strips can be found all around your local supermarket, in places such as deli counters. They allow shoppers and employees to reach in and pick their fresh food without the risk of contamination.

#12 Warehouses

The warehouse is the most common place you will find PVC roll, but opposite to what people think it is not the only place you can find it (as you can see from the list above). Plastic strip curtains can be used for temperature regulation in large environments like this and can also work as a partition for vast open areas.

#13 Zoos

I bet you never thought about strip curtains in a zoo environment, but they are perfect for installing between animal houses and the outside environment to allow the animals to flow freely between both. Next time you visit your local zoo, try and spot strip curtains in the bat house, the monkey enclosure, or the rhino enclosure.

So, hopefully, now you can see how diverse PVC roll is - and these aren't all the uses it has. Why don't you get in touch with us and discuss how PVC strip could benefit your workplace?  Call us on 0333 999 7171 or email us at