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How do I pay/Can I open a credit account?

We take payment through Paypal, WorldPay and all major credit/debit cards.  If you will be ordering regularly we can open an account.

What do under lintel and face fix mean?

Under lintel means the curtain is made to fit inside the doorway opening.

Face fix means the curtain is mounted in front of the doorway opening and is made 150mm wider and 70mm higher than the opening size

Can I order replacement PVC Strip panels?
Of course you can, simply phone or email with the original order details or order online.

How long does delivery take?
Strip curtains are usually despatched within 48 hours.

Is PVC fire retardant?

PVC is self extinguishing, this means it will not support combustion.  If a naked flame is held near the PVC it will burn/if it is taken away it will go out.

Colours/cold store/polar grade/Antimicrobial    We offer a standard range of PVC colours with operating temperatures of -55oC - + 60oC.  Special colours can be ordered on request – minimum order 1 ton. 

Can I slide my curtain? 

Yes, we offer a range of sliding tracks that allow curtains to slide out of the opening completely.  These can be bi-parting or uni-directional. You are better speaking to a member or our team for advice on which sliding rail to go for

What overlap do I need? 

This really depends on where the curtain is located and the level of protection you want the curtain to provide. The guidelines below should help you decide.

Standard Overlap

Internal – Light duty

Recommended strip size 200 x 2mm or 300 x 3mm

200mm wide 1 hook each side 35%  

300mm wide 1 hook each side 25%  

400mm wide 1 hook each side 35%


Maximum Overlap

External – Heavy duty

Recommended strip size 300 x 3mm or 400 x 4mm 

200mm wide 2 hooks per side 78%  

300mm wide 3 hooks per side 78%   

400mm wide 4 hooks per side 98%