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Return of Goods
  1. The Buyer will inspect the Goods upon delivery and will notify the Seller immediately of any damages or shortages. Any damage to the Goods should be notified to the Seller immediately and signed as damaged on the courier’s paperwork. All damage should be reported to the Seller within one trading day by 5:30pm. No claims can be made for any Goods signed for as received in good condition. If you, the Buyer, fail to comply with this clause the Seller will not be held legally liable in any respect of complaint which should have been brought to our attention within the time period stated above.
  2. Otherwise than in T&Cs 13) a), Goods cannot be returned without prior consent of the Seller in writing. A Handling Charge will be imposed which will vary according to the condition of Goods and packaging returned. Acceptance of the return of used Goods may be refused or alternatively a repair charge may be levied at the Seller’s discretion.
  3. Reimbursement will be the same method of payment as the original payment unless otherwise agreed by the both parties.
  4. The Seller's invoice always follows the dispatch of the Goods. If after three days following receipt of the invoice the Buyer has not received the Goods, the Seller should be informed by telephone or in writing. Failure to do so could render invalid any claim the Seller might have on the transporter or courier whose own trading conditions may be governed by a time period. In the event of any Goods being delivered damaged or short delivered, the courier's note should be endorsed accordingly and a copy should be sent to the Seller on the same day of delivery of the Goods. The Seller will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage if this condition is not adhered to.
  5. Non-faulty and non-damaged Goods can only be returned if permission is granted by the Seller in writing. At the point of such permission, the Buyer assumes all responsibility for returning the Goods to the Seller to an agreed returns address. The Buyer must organise the return of the Goods at their own risk and at their own cost. The Seller will not be liable for any costs that the Buyer incurs for returning the Goods. Credit to the Buyer will only occur when the Goods are back with the Seller at the agreed address and signed for with the Buyer's courier in original condition and with all original packaging intact. Failure to return Goods in the above described condition will result in reductions in credit to the value of repairing or replacing damaged Goods.
  6. Made to Order Goods are non-returnable save in the respect of defects or damages that have occurred in the manufacturing process or in delivery of the Goods.