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Strip Curtains Direct, manufacturer of quality PVC strip curtains at fantastic prices.

We offer a variety of strip curtains which can cater to your specific requirements. From our polar grade strip curtains, which are ideal for frozen rooms, such as chillers and cold stores, to our anti-static flame retardant strip curtains, which improve the efficiency of air conditioning in data centres, we have the right strip curtains for you.

All of our curtains are made to order to meet your exact requirements. They can be fitted by our team of experts or sent out as part of a kit to allow you install them with ease.

Safestrip® Anti-Microbial PVC Strip Curtains

Our curtains are specially created for you using our own market leading Safestrip® range. Safestrip® is our patented state-of-the-art formula which is applied to our high quality, low toxicity, Cadmium-free PVC during manufacturing. By doing this, we create unique anti-microbial PVC strips that will prevent the growth of many kinds of harmful bacteria. PVC Safestrip® is incredibly versatile and can be used on both internal or external doorways.
It can act as a barrier against fumes, dust or insects and reduce noise level in factories. As a result, it has become widely used in food manufacturing and industrial businesses worldwide.

Do you need a practical and efficient solution to temperature control?

At Strip Curtains Direct, we supply first-rate temperature regulating strip curtains to fit all kinds of doorways. These curtains help to keep rooms at an optimum temperature to suit your requirements and maximise energy efficiency.


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August 23, 2016

As PVC curtain manufacturers, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of products made out of PVC material in the past few years. Today, PVC is one of the most commonly used materials, often used for many industrial applications. However, there are still people who don't realise the benefits of using this polymer instead of other materials - here are just some of those benefits:

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August 09, 2016

PVC Replacement StripsAs manufacturers and suppliers of plastic door strips with many years’ experience in the business, we have built up quite a knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the industry in general. We know from experience that replacing a strip on a set of industrial curtains, for example, is a job that doesn't take as much time as the first installation of the curtain, as the hardware is already installed. However, we have seen that many warehouse managers wait until the majority of the strips are cracked or broken before replacing them because they mistakenly believe this is a time-consuming process.

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