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PVC Strip Curtains are known to create a cost effective barrier against unwanted pollutants such as dust, pests and noise. Perhaps more importantly they provide an ideal solution for the control of ambient temperatures, critical in production and storage within the food industry. A major attraction for the use of PVC strip curtains is that they manage to achieve all of this while still allowing flexible access for personnel, pallet truck and vehicular traffic.

Due to the close and well established relationship with our suppliers, Strip Curtains Direct Ltd have rapidly become one of the UK’s fastest growing suppliers and installers of PVC Strip Curtains, experiencing huge success across many different applications. We are able to offer unbeatable prices for the purchase of bulk roll PVC, standard “off the shelf” and bespoke self-install curtain kits, all supported by our nationwide installation team.

When the company was established in 2014, Strip Curtains Direct were appointed selling agents of SafeStrip® PVC strip curtains by Vinyl Compounds Ltd, the UK’s largest independent producer of PVC compound. Vinyl Compounds Ltd present the unique ability to produce specialist PVC compounds on the same site as their state of the art extrusion facilities, thus creating an entirely British made product to any material specification, a service that cannot be matched by any other supplier in the UK.

At Strip Curtains Direct we recognised that with the knowledge, facilities and resources that had been made available to us there was the potential to provide a totally unique supply chain operation. We began researching how this combination of materials, unified supply chain and leading-edge PVC technology could benefit UK industry and how we could launch new products into the marketplace that would really set us apart.

The success of our relationship with Vinyl Compounds has given us the opportunity to take advantage of their state of the art research and development laboratories and compounding facilities, we have been able to push the boundaries of popular grades of strip curtain, some examples being our “Antimicrobial” strip, a very safe and effective method of killing and controlling the spread of bacteria is through the use of silver ion technology. Our “Super Polar” strip curtain, able to withstand temperatures as low as -60°C out performing other cold store solutions on the market. We also sell an “Anti-insect” strip curtain, which is yellow in colour and is made using oil of citronella, a strong deterrent for flying insects. We also provide an “Anti-Static” solution which is proving to be increasingly popular in server environments and data centres as well as in electronic manufacturing plants and workshops.

In addition to our extensive product portfolio and national fitting service, we are the only strip curtain manufacturer in the UK that offers all of its customers a range of maintenance packages ensuring their strip curtains are kept in the best possible condition. This gives our customers the peace of mind that they are not putting their staff or themselves as an employer at risk from the hazard of poor visibility that can occur as result of poorly maintained strip curtains. We are also proud to offer free of charge recycling for all virgin and post-consumer strip curtain material waste offering a truly eco-friendly cradle to grave service.

Strip Curtains Direct really are the UK’s number one choice for your strip curtain requirements.


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