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May 25, 2017

PVC Roll: What Are It's Typical Applications?

 The Uses of PVC Roll in Warehouse and Industrial Units.

PVC roll is one of the most cost-effective ways and versatile products in our range. From standard clear grade to heavy duty polar grade, we have a wide variety of different pvc products available to meet a wide range of industrial needs. With such a wide choice of sizes and types of roll available, how do you know which is the best for the job? Well, we have pulled together some of the most common uses for PVC roll kits to give you some idea of what you can use it for, and why:

Chiller Cabinet Covers

A recent article in Convenience Store magazine, stated that a large number of retailers are investing in chiller doors as the energy savings they can claim are up to around 40% with a retrofit and up to 60% for replacements.   Polar Grade PVC kits can be used as an alternative to a freezer door, and are specifically designed to be used on ‘Reach-in’ freezer display cases. They help to reduce energy costs for the retailer as they eliminate the escape of the cool, conditioned air within the cabinet, meaning the compressor running time is reduced. Another benefit of using PVC roll as a cover is that the products within the chiller will also be kept fresher as they will be at a more constant cooler temperature. Customers shouldn’t have a problem with them either as they allow for safe and easy reach-through and save the customer the effort of opening and closing a door.

Cold Room Applications

A cold room differs from a fridge in that is a walk-in storage facility. They are most commonly found in food shops, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets and are crucial to the preservation of stored foods. Cold Rooms themselves are used for a wide variety of things, such as short and long term food storage, packaging of food and beverages and even freezing. Again, our polar grade PVC kits are perfect for this due to their very high insulation power meaning it will reduce energy loss from the area and so save you money. The beauty of the polar grade strip is that it is designed to be used at very low temperatures and so will stay flexible, and resist breaking and cracking.

Datacentre Aisle Segregators

Datacentres are facilities which are used to house computer systems and associated components such as storage systems and telecommunications. They also generally include backup power supplies, data communications connections, environmental controls and various security devices. An article in The New York Times in 2012 revealed that some large scale data centres are industrial scale operations which use as much electricity as a small town! This amount of power in one place can cause issues though, as it also means there is a lot of heat in the area. If the equipment within the data centre overheats this could be catastrophic and this is where our Anti-Static strip curtains kits come in. These are specifically designed to be used in data centres as they are a highly effective way to control temperature and also provide a very effective barrier against air pollution and noise.

Internal Warehouse Dividers

We know from experience that most warehouses are typically large open spaces which makes organising them a bit of a challenge. You may suddenly decide that you need to separate your space up to get protection for some processes, or to prevent noise pollution. However, this can be quite a costly process if you go for a fixed solution - and you may then also decided in the future that you need to remove the separation which will again cost you money. The easy way to divide a large space, like a warehouse up, is to use PVC curtains as they can be installed quickly with little disruption to your warehouse. They are also easily moveable, come in many different widths and can be reconfigured in many different ways easily as well.

Loading Bay Doors & Covers

PVC strips are often used in loading bays and areas at the back of warehouses where deliveries are regularly made as they can stand up to the elements easily. Curtains made from PVC strip will keep the rain and wind out of the warehouse which means that the goods stored there are protected from damage and decay. The ease of passing through the curtains though, makes them ideal for areas where traffic needs to get in and out quickly as well. Something like our anti-insect curtain would be good here because as well as keeping out the weather, they will also act as a protective barrier against pests and flying insects.

Walk-in Fridge & Freezer Doors

Walk in fridges and freezers are an essential part of the cold chain, which is the name given to the series of uninterrupted storage and distribution activities that take place in a temperature controlled environment. The cold chain is usually put in place in order to prolong the life of fresh perishable products like fruit, frozen food, seafood and vegetables, or pharmaceutical products.  Using our polar grade curtains will help prevent the loss of air from within the walk-in areas of this chain, and so keep the temperature at a steadier level, saving you both energy and money, and ensuring your products stay as fresh as possible.

Welding Bays & Booths

If the activities in your warehouse involve welding as an activity, then your employees and anything that is stored in the warehouse are at threat of being harmed by welding flash and arc welding. One way to keep the welding area safely contained is to use our bulk strip rolls will allow you to delegate an area as a welding area, protecting your employees and products from the work that goes on in there, while also allowing for quick passage to other areas or adjoining rooms.

You can purchase our PVC bulk roll online on our website, but if you need any further assistance place contact us on 0333 999 7171 or by email on We will work closely with you to make sure you get the product that most suits your space and needs, and can advise you about both material and hardware specifications.