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June 13, 2017

7 Things About Crash Doors Your Warehouse Manager Wants to Know

How Can PVC Crash Doors Prove Beneficial in Warehouses?

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexible PVC products, we have recently added PVC crash doors to our product range as we feel they are a great complement to our strip curtains range and are very often used in the same buildings and by the same customer. They are as practical and economical as strip doors and are really versatile to use as well. Here are seven reasons why you should think about investing in some PVC crash doors for your warehouse or industrial unit:

1. They Can Help to Reduce Energy Loss

Research has shown that energy loss of up to 10% can be caused within minutes of warehouse doors opening, and this can impact significantly on energy costs. Installing a crash door keeps opening and closing times to a minimum, lowering the risk of air infiltration and therefore reducing the cost of your energy bills.

2. They Can Help Reduce Noise Issues

The warehouse can be one of the noisiest environments to work in, due to a combination of the open-plan design, hard floors and floor to ceiling racking. The constant movement of warehouse operatives around the space can add to the noise level as well. The addition of some plastic strip curtains and a crash door can help to alleviate the noise issue by offering a certain level of acoustic insulation.

 3. They Are Pedestrian Friendly

Many warehouse operatives spend a large amount of their day moving around the warehouse from one location to the next, and if they have to stop and open and close doors as part of this journey, this can add extra minutes onto their task time and make them less productive. Installing a crash door can dramatically reduce their travelling time, and mean they can achieve more in the time they are at work.

4. They Are Impact Resistant

We have years of experience in supplying flexible PVC for industrial uses, and so we know that our products are going to have to withstand some hard knocks. We aim to offer you great value for money, and so ensure our PVC crash doors can withstand the impact of all sorts of traffic that you may find in a warehouse situation.

5. They Offer Clear Visibility

Warehouses are renowned for being busy places, with a large number of both people and vehicles such as forklift trucks moving around them at all time. If this traffic is not managed well, this can lead to accidents and even fatalities. We manufacture our strip doors with visibility in mind so that whenever people are approaching the doors, they can clearly see what is on the other side.

6. They Are Easy to Clean

Dirt can easily build up on curtains and doors, and minor scratches can occur, which can affect the visibility of the door and also leave them looking a bit worse for wear. We know that your time is precious, which is why everything we manufacture is easy to clean, leaving you free to get on with the more important jobs.

7. They Suit a Wide Range of Uses

The flexibility of crash doors means that they are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications such as:



Cold stores

Food preparation areas

Supermarkets and retail units

Hospitals and healthcare

Pharmaceutical units

To find out more about our new range of crash doors, and how they could benefit your business, please give us a call on 0333 999 7171 or send us an email to