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May 11, 2017

Crash Doors: Discover More About Our Newest Product Line

What Do You Need You Know About Crash Doors?

If you are an avid reader of our newsletters then you will know that last month we introduced a new product to our wide range - crash doors! And if you are not an avid reader of our newsletter then you can sign up here

What Are Crash Doors Designed For?

In any building the quickest way to move between two rooms is to have a gap in the wall. It is quite clear to see though, that this is not a practical solution in many circumstances - especially in an industrial scenario. In many warehouses or manufacturing units, things such as noise pollution, infection prevention, and energy conservation are really important - and an open door is not going to help with any of this and so you will need some kind of door. Infection prevention is probably only going to be relevant in a medical centre or hospital, but all business will benefit from something that will help them with noise prevention and make conserving energy easier. The beauty of crash doors is that they not only help businesses to do this, but they also still allow easy movement of traffic between areas as well.

pic crash doors

Where Can Crash Doors Be Installed?

Strip Curtains Direct have already seen crash doors installed in many businesses all over the UK, and these businesses have included:

  • Cold storage units
  • Factories
  • Food Preparation areas
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Units
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Postal Sorting Offices
  • Retail Units
  • Supermarkets

The list is endless.

What Traffic Can Get Through Crash Doors?

Before we recommend the correct crash door for your needs, we will always ask you what kind of traffic you foresee going through the door to make sure we get the right crash door for your needs. If you want a crash door for pedestrians to get through, it will be a slightly different specification to a crash door for a forklift truck, which incidentally is one of the most dangerous forms of workplace transportation. However, we always recommend that the width of your crash doors are one and a half times the width of your proposed traffic - whether it be pedestrians, trolleys or forklifts.

As with the rest of the products, our crash doors are the best value crash doors on the market as they have been designed with total reliability in mind. Our crash doors are available in three different designs - single panel, double panel and tri-panel. They are available on a supply only or a supply/fit basis, where our experienced technicians will fit the crash doors for you.

For further information on our range of crash doors, including technical specifications and details on how to place an order, please call us on 0333 999 7171 or send an email to