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June 17, 2019

Preventing wasps at your food business this summer

For many food businesses, summer is a worrying time, with an increase in the number of flying insects they have to deal with - especially wasps. Queen wasps start working on their nests in spring and so by summer, wasps are working overtime with up to 5,000 wasps per nest, and up to 300 eggs being produced daily.

Why do you need to think about wasp control?

Wasps are one of the most aggressive pests we come across in the UK, and they are often feared as well, due to their nasty stings. However, research has shown that wasps usually only sting if they feel threatened. The problem is, if the wasp feels threatened, it will emit a pheromone that will send its nest friends into a stinging frenzy to defend it.

Wasp stings hurt and can be fatal at times. If you own food business and a customer who is sensitive to wasp stings is stung, then they could go into anaphylaxis, a life-threating allergic reaction.

Wasp control for your food business

If you own a restaurant or shop, then you need to take wasp control – and control of other flying pests – seriously. If your customers are experiencing a high level of fly or wasp activity in your business, then they are likely to not only complain, but they may also request a refund from you or even leave you a negative online review which can affect your business.  It is your duty as a business owner, therefore, to protect your customers and employees, and minimise the disruption to your business while doing so.

 How to prevent wasps and their nests

As with most things, prevention is better than cure - and there are steps you can take to stop wasps and other flying insects from entering your business premises.

  • Check for nests early. If you look for nests in the spring, then they should be small (about the size of a golf ball) and easy to deal with.
  • Keep your bins shut. Open bins are an excellent attraction for wasps as they can get a delicious meal quickly. Keep your bins away from your premises and make sure the lid is on correctly at all times.
  • Protect your windows & doors. Keeping your premises secure will prevent flying insects and wasps from entering. Fly screens for doors and windows will help prevent wasps from entering your premises, while still allowing air to flow through in the hotter months.

If you have a problem with wasps or other flying insects and want to protect your food business from them, then please contact the team at Strip Curtains Direct. We not only have fly screens and doors to help prevent insects from entering your premises, but we also sell a range of electric fly zappers which can get rid of any insects that do manage to get in. You can call us on 0333 999 7171 or email us at