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June 03, 2019

How to reduce energy costs in a Warehouse

Now that summer is here and the temperature is rising, it can be difficult for warehouse managers to keep the building at a comfortable temperature for staff, while not damaging the products they are storing. Some distribution centres will be working flat out to keep up with the demand, doors may be open for most of the day, and so putting the air conditioning on can feel like you are just throwing money out of the window. Don't worry though, the team here at Strip Curtains Direct have gathered together some top tips to help you improve your energy efficiency and reduce costs - not only for summer but throughout the rest of the year as well.


If you section off areas that don't need to be open you will not only be able to control temperatures more easily, but also reduce the amount of wastage you will face as well. Warehouse plastic curtains are ideal for this job, as they will allow employees and vehicles to enter an area while minimising the amount of heat transfer. If your warehouse has open exterior doors or cold storage areas, then PVC strip curtains are also ideal to provide insulation which will keep temperatures level and therefore energy usage under control.


Warehouses are usually poorly insulated, which is one of the main reasons why they are not very energy efficient. Roofs are often the biggest culprits when it comes to heat loss in a building, and so adding a layer of insulation in this area will keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you use spray foam insulation as well, it will not only help to control the temperature but also stop condensation forming - which can damage equipment and stock. 


The energy you use to light a warehouse can be just as inefficient and expensive as air conditioning and heating. One way to control this better is to use an adjustable rig for your overhead lighting which will allow the lights to be lowered to a position where they are needed. You could also install occupancy sensors as they have been shown to reduce electricity bills by 30%. LED bulbs are also another energy efficient idea as they use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Loading Bays

Most new warehouses these days are built with cushion seals, levellers, shelters and a whole host of other energy efficient features. However, if your warehouse is on the older side you may well want to invest in some of these items in order to keep energy loss to a minimum.  You could also install a high-quality strip curtain to not only make your loading bay more energy efficient but also more time efficient as well.

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