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February 15, 2022

How to Replace Your PVC Strips

PVC strip curtains can serve a variety of different purposes, whether it be to control the temperature and environment of a workspace, prevent pests, noise and air pollution and prevent dust from building up. With their durability and how they are designed to deal with heavy flows of traffic, whether it be pedestrian or heavy-duty industrial traffic. If you would like to read more on the benefits of installing PVC strip curtains in your workplace, then this blog post from Doors for Industry Limited titled; 5 Reasons you Should be Using Plastic (PVC) Strip Curtains at Work, will provide you with further information on their benefits and qualities.

We here at Strip Curtains Direct pride ourselves on the quality of product we provide and the durability of our PVC strips. However, PVC strips cannot last forever, and over time, they will become damaged. When the strips do become damaged and no longer provide the efficiency required, whether it be regarding controlling ambient temperatures, preventing noise pollution, and adding a preventative measure against pests and other environmental intrusions. Therefore, there is a time when PVC strips need to be replaced. However, there is no need to replace the entire curtains set or kit. Strip Curtains Direct provide the option of Replacement PVC Strips so that customers can easily replace individual damaged strips rather than the entirety of the curtains. Despite this, replacing your strip curtains can seem like a daunting task, whether it be due to the installation process or not entirely understanding how simple the process can prove to be. In this blog post, we will aim to explain how the process of replacing your PVC strips can be an incredibly easy and simple process.

Replacing strips using a PVC bulk roll:

Although we supply replacement PVC strips individually for over ten different materials and grades, customers might also be dealing with their own PVC Bulk Roll, in which case, the process of preparing a replacement strip may be a more time-consuming task. First and foremost, as with any sort of PVC strip curtain installation, the opening where the strips or curtains will be placed must be measured to determine the size of the material required. However, when working with PVC bulk rolls, the process would involve rolling the material out, then measuring the material correctly. You would also have to ensure that the measurement taken has accounted for any possible shrinkage due to stretching or the environment it will be placed in. After the material has been correctly measured, holes will need to be punched in the top of the material to allow for the correct placement of the stainless-steel plates to be hung up and installed on the hanging rail. Once the material has been plated, it is an easy task to remove the original strip(s) that are damaged from the hanging rail and then place the new replacement strip in its stead.

Installing replacement strips:

Installing replacement strips that have been prepared by Strip Curtains Direct is a far less time-consuming process. As our production team will cut the strip to the required length and plate the strips so that they are ready to be used immediately. These readily prepared replacement strips will be ready to be installed immediately involving a very short process. To further simplify the process of installing and hanging these replacement strips, we enclose an installation guide along with all our kits which, when followed, ensures that the installation is quick and simple if the guide is followed.

If you need further information on our replacement strips and how to install them, we have the range of replacement strips on our website, as well as a selection of blog topics that cover replacement strips.

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