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April 08, 2022

5 Steps to Looking After Your PVC Curtains


5 Steps to Looking After Your PVC Curtains

Due to the nature of PVC strip curtains being designed to handle different types of traffic and openings, it is almost certain that they will collect dirt and possibly be damaged. This is especially concerning in the food processing or health sectors as they require the highest hygiene standards. The Health and Safety Executive has an article on Equipment Safety which notes: “Using the right, well maintained equipment operated by trained staff can help prevent and reduce the personal and financial costs”.

This blog post will be focusing on five steps you can take in your workplace to properly look after your PVC strip curtains ensuring they are always ready for use.


1.   Assess, Clean, and Maintain the Surrounding Area:

The first step in PVC strip curtain care is to ensure that the surrounding area of the curtain is in order as dirt can easily be tracked into an area by the traffic passing through which can obviously compromise the hygiene and quality of the curtain. Dirt can also scratch the strips and if this happens the visibility of the curtains can be reduced which could cause a very serious accident. It can be difficult to maintain external openings due to outdoor elements, but with a consistent effort, external areas can be maintained.


2.   Clean the PVC Curtains Regularly:

Cleaning PVC strip curtains can be a pain-free and simple process in most cases. If the PVC material is not damaged or scratched, the cleaning process simply involves wiping down the strips. However, if the material happens to be scratched or damaged, dirt can become trapped and embedded in the material, which means that wiping them down may not prove to be effective enough. In such cases, soaking the curtains or using a chemical-based solution might prove to be the most effective method of cleaning.


3.   Encourage Correct and Careful Use:

PVC curtains are extremely durable and long lasting. However, they are not indestructible or scratch proof. If they are placed in an opening that only sees basic pedestrian traffic, the curtains will need less maintenance. However, if the curtains deal with traffic such as forklifts, they will be more prone to damage. Due to this, those passing through must be reminded to pass through with care. Avoiding rough usage and carelessness will ensure the strip curtains last longer.


4.   Choosing the Correct Material:

It is vital to ensure that the correct materials are being used for openings. For pedestrian traffic, for example, Standard Grade PVC Curtains would be most appropriate as they are designed to deal with pedestrian traffic. For heavier traffic where a more durable material is required, Standard Double Ribbed Curtains would be more suitable. Choosing the wrong material could mean that the material does not last as long as initially expected. Strip Curtains Direct also offer replacement strips to replace any damaged ones – helping you to extend the life of your strip curtain.


5.   Regularly Inspecting the Curtains:

Although all these steps will ensure that your PVC strip curtains are maintained to the highest standard, you must conduct regular maintenance inspections. Conducting regular checks to inspect whether there should be any issues raised or steps taken to repair and care for the curtain is a good idea. There must be someone competent in place to do this, but it will be beneficial.

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