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April 22, 2022

5 Benefits of Using PVC Curtain Kits on Your Doorway

5 Benefits of Using PVC Strip Curtain Kits on Your Doorway

There are a variety of benefits that PVC strip curtains can serve in your workplace. In this blog post we are going to be covering 5 of those key benefits and cover how PVC curtains on your doorways can maximise the efficiency of your workplace and provide create a greater and more comfortable working environment for your employees.


1.   Return on Investment Through Energy Efficiency:

One of the primary benefits of using PVC curtain kits on your doorways and openings is the temperature control they provide and the reduced cost in energy bills. With the United Kingdom currently going through an energy crisis and bills rising exponentially, PVC curtain kits are a useful energy efficient solution to reducing the amount of energy lost and bills spent.


2.   Durability and Long Lasting:

PVC curtain kits are specially designed to deal with high amounts of traffic passing through them. Whether it be standard pedestrian traffic that Standard Grade PVC can handle, or it be heavier traffic such as reach trucks, forklifts, or other heavy machinery that Heavy Duty Double Ribbed Curtains could handle, the material will deal with the extensive wear and tear it experiences.


3.   Greater Workplace and Employee Safety:

By partitioning different workspaces whilst providing ease of access to different areas of the workplace increases productivity and safety in the workplace. The ability to partition means that sections of the workplace that need to be protected from chemicals, sawdust, or welding emissions, then PVC curtains can ensure that this is easily achieved.


4.   Workplace Productivity and Efficiency:

Noise can be an extremely anti-productive element in the workplace as it can lead to many distractions and hamper communication. PVC curtain kits will however limit the amount of noise pollution in the workplace, which the Health and Safety Executive have also acknowledged. Beyond limiting noise pollution, PVC strip curtains also provide easy access to other facilities in the workplace which saves on time whilst also serving a variety of other factors.


5.   Versatility:

With a variety of different materials, ranging from anti-insect to anti-static, heavy duty curtains and pedestrian curtains, PVC curtain kits are ready to be used in any number of facilities. With the previously mentioned benefits, one key benefit is that different materials mean that the possibilities for use of PVC curtains in a working environment is limitless. Match this with the fact that they can be made to measure to dimensions to suit another person’s needs, it proves that they are extremely versatile overall.

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