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May 11, 2022

How PVC Curtains Can Help you Create Warehouse Pathways

How PVC Curtains Can Help you Create Warehouse Pathways

An organised workplace is a safe workplace. Making your warehouse safer can be achieved in various ways, whether it be putting a solid employee code in place to ensure those working are aware of how to undertake safe practices or simply putting precautions in place to achieve this. One of these precautions could include putting pathways in place across the warehouse. This can be achieved through pathway markings, but another option is to use PVC curtains.



By assessing the warehouse's layout, clearly defined sections can be identified as working areas where different tasks can be undertaken. Once these sections can be identified, pathways throughout the warehouse can be realised and drawn up. Using clear pathway markers across the warehouse floor to define a clear pathway means space can be left on either side to provide leeway. 



Once the pathway markers are in place and sections of the warehouse have been identified as workplace areas, PVC curtains can be installed to cordon off these areas. In doing this, working areas have been clearly identified and provided a physical barrier for staff. This allows those in said areas to safely operate in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent dust and pests from entering the vicinity using either a Standard Grade PVC Curtain Kit. For more specific work such as welding, a Screenflex PVC Welding Curtain Kit will prevent dangerous radiation and projection from work being conducted, meaning the kit will also protect those going through the pathways.



Creating these marked and bordered pathways with markers and PVC curtains allows safe and straightforward passage throughout a warehouse. This provides for heavy-duty traffic such as forklifts and other vehicles to safely pass through the warehouse and to specific areas with the risk of serious injury minimised. The Health and Safety Executive has an article explaining why it is vital to ensure a separation between pedestrians and vehicles. Minimising the risk of injury is key to how these pathways work, but utilising PVC curtain kits will also provide simple access to heavy-duty and pedestrian traffic to quickly access partitioned areas of the warehouse. Previously, space should be left on either side of markings and the installed PVC curtains; if this has been done, efficient warehouse traffic can be managed. The pathways created by the PVC curtains and clearly defined barriers should realistically allow more efficient traffic to pass through each way with a minimised risk of accidents.



The pathways that the PVC curtains create provide a safer passage through the warehouse as contaminants are limited. With dust, smoke, dirt, and fumes limited from escaping with the PVC curtains in place, there is less chance of pedestrians encountering harm. The chances of equipment becoming damaged as it passes through the warehouse are minimised. Beyond physical contaminants, the PVC curtains prevent noise pollution, which ensures a clearer line of communication and, in turn, a more efficient warehouse.



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