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February 01, 2022

Why Do You Need PVC and Insulated Curtains in Your Warehouse During Cold Weather?

The winter can be one of the hardest times of year due to several factors, but one of the hardest factors to deal with during this time of year is often the cold weather. It is uncomfortable and can make working conditions unbearable. In a warehouse, the cold weather can be particularly difficult to deal with and work in due to the open space, draughts from the outdoors not being prevented by shutters and the environment not being properly insulated. For indoor workplaces, the expected reasonable working temperatures are between 16°C and 13°C. Therefore, depending on the environment, precautions need to be in place, such as having a heating device or system in place to ensure the temperature does indeed meet the desired temperature. Many of these requirements are explained on the Health and Safety Executive website providing guidance on Managing workplace temperature. However, in this blog we will instead focus on the importance of how to manage temperatures in the warehouse and how PVC curtains and Cold StopÒ Insulated Curtains can play a vital role in achieving this.

Although using equipment such as draught excluders, door seals and the like to prevent cold air entering or warm air escaping the warehouse, they can only prevent draughts as opposed to maintaining an environment. PVC strip curtain kits however are an ideal solution to preventing further draughts and energy loss as they are purposely designed to maintain the environment of a workspace. PVC strip curtains, when installed correctly can act as an extremely effective barrier against noise and air pollution, including pests, insects, and dust. However, in this blog we will be focusing on how they are able to prevent losing heat and energy to make your workplace efficient. Standard PVC curtains can operate suitably in temperature from -10°C and 36°C, which makes them ideal for warehouses (cold storage facilities would require Polar grade/Super Polar grade PVC materials to withstand sub-zero temperatures). With temperatures dropping, and an effective heating system in place, such as external heaters or some form of insulation, a PVC strip curtain kit would effectively maintain the levels of heat in the facilities by preventing draughts whilst ensuring the heat does not escape the warehouse. With the durability of the PVC strip curtain kits and the hanging system in place purposely designed for pedestrian traffic passing through, it provides a reliable measure for maintaining the levels of heat in a warehouse that can also last through multiple winters.

However, where the measures are not about containing heat, but to preserve sub-zero temperatures in cold storage facilities, something more heavy duty and specific might be required. This is where Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains can be the preferred option. Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains are specially designed for coldrooms, chillers and freezers to lessen the energy loss in these facilities. Factories and warehouses that operate in storing food products or process food in that facility. When working in an environment that has cold storage facilities dealing with sub-zero temperatures, it is hard to manage the environment of both the cold storage facility and the working space of the employees. Due to the nature of what is stored in coldrooms and freezers, it is vital to maintain the environment as it could spoil the product and ensure it is not fit for distribution or consumption. The flip side of this is that not maintaining a warm enough environment for employees can not only be dangerous and harmful, but detrimental to productivity in the workplace, therefore it is vital to maintain these environments for a variety of reasons. Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains can be considered as the perfect solution for the problems that can be encountered with cold storage facilities. Utilising Tempro® technology, it provides greater thermal properties than standard PVC materials and are also available to suit standard coldrooms or freezers, whether it be pedestrian or industrial traffic, it’s versatility makes it the ideal option to maintain and manage sub-zero temperatures. The insulated curtains provide energy savings of 25% to chillers and 33% plus in freezers, making ensuring that warehouses are energy efficient and that there employees are comfortable in their working environment, which is especially important when working with cold storage in the winter.

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