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April 08, 2019

What Are Fly Screens Made From?

At this time of year, we start to see a ramp-up in sales of our fly screens and fly screen doors- as the weather heats up and flying insects begin to become an issue. But what are fly filters made from and why does this matter?

 Fly screens and fly screen doors are made from insect mesh which is available in the following three options:

  • PVC Coated Fibreglass - this is made from woven strands which are ultrasonically welded to securely lock them together to ensure the mesh keeps its shape even if it is knocked.
  • Aluminium - also made from woven strands but will lose its shape and stretch if damaged.
  • Stainless Steel- also made from woven strands but will lose its shape and stretch if damaged.

Insect mesh is designed to keep out flying insects, such as bees, flies and wasps. The size of the mesh not only keeps flying insects out but also allows air to circulate, which will keep the airflow passing through the room.

Why are Fly Screen Doors So Important?

If you've ever travelled to a hot and humid country, you will have seen fly screens and fly screen doors all over the place. But they do have plenty of uses in the UK, such as:

#1 Keeping Flies Out

This is pretty obvious. Nobody likes flies in their business, but sometimes in the summer, you need to have doors and windows open to allow air to circulate. Having a fly screen on your door or window will enable you to have a cool breeze while keeping winged nasties out.

#2 Basic Food Hygiene

If you are a food business in the UK, you have a legal requirement to have fly screens on any windows or doors on the premises - especially if you are serving food to the public.

#3 Prevent Glare

One side benefit of having insect mesh on your windows and doors, which isn't often mentioned, is the fact that it can help to reduce glare on your screens. It also helps to reduce the power of the sun heating up your office environment as well. Both of which will leave your employees feeling happier.

#4 Reduces the Need for Chemical Usage

The most commonly used deterrent for flies and other unwanted creatures is chemicals of some sort. Now, not only are these potentially dangerous for children and domestic animals, but they need to be used carefully so that you are adhering to health and safety laws. Using the fly screens or fly screen doors from Strip Curtains Direct allows you to keep unwanted pests out without the need to use chemicals - which is better for the environment as well.

#5 Reduce the Occurrence of Bug Bites

Reports are that the heatwave of July last year (2018) saw a 50% increase in the number of calls to the NHS helpline about insect bites- including the number of people dealing with infected bites from horseflies. If you are a business who deals with the public, the last thing you need is people complaining that they are getting bitten by insects while on your premises.

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, we have a wide range of pest control devices to help you out - from electric fly zappers to fly screen doors. Get in touch with us today to find out more.