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March 18, 2019

How Fly Screens Protect Your Business

One of the lesser spoken-about results of the change in climate we have seen in recent years is the increase in the number of insect-borne diseases in the UK. Flying insects and flies are attracted to bright lights and the smell of food within buildings, and gain access to commercial premises through open doors and windows.

The Danger of Insects to Businesses

One way that insects can transmit diseases is through the infection of food. The common garden housefly is known to be a carrier of both dysentery and typhoid. Dysentery is an inflammatory disease of the intestine which can result in abdominal pains and severe diarrhoea, whereas typhoid is a bacterial infection which can cause fever, headaches and mild vomiting.  Flies are also thought to transmit campylobacter which is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK and can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. 

As you can imagine, reducing the incidences of these diseases is a must, especially in food-related businesses. This is where fly screens can help, as they not only allow you to create a better working environment and reduce the risk of contamination but also ensure you comply with Food Safety Regulations too.

Window fly screens can be used to great effect in many businesses including:

Food Establishments & Restaurants

The Food Standards Agency in the UK is a regulatory agency which works to protect public health by ensuring food is safe. They take into account general food laws laid out by the main European Commission (EC) and domestic legislation. These are all laws which food establishments and restaurants need to adhere to, and having fly screens in place can help them to do that. Not only will screens help to prevent insects from entering a property, but they will also ensure there is good ventilation within kitchens and other food preparation areas. 


In recent years there have been more cases of increased temperature in the summer months, which not only leads to an increase in the number of flies but can make it harder for people to work. Sitting in an office that is too warm reduces productivity, and so means that many businesses tend to whack their air conditioning up to full - leaving them with excessive energy bills. One way around this is to fit fly screens onto windows – meaning employees can have windows open to allow air to flow around without the risk of flying insects entering the premises. This also reduces the energy bills that the business will be faced with.

Retirement and Care Homes

There is a great need to protect older adults who are living in retirement and care homes as they can have severe reactions to stings or any bacteria they are exposed to from flies. They also tend not to experience as much fresh air as they might like to, and so using fly screens in this environment allows them to enjoy a freshly ventilated room while keeping them protected from flies day in and day out.

Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities

Hot weather in the summer can be a nightmare for teachers and lecturers as it can make it really difficult to both teach and keep their student's attention. Strip Curtains Direct fly screens can easily be fitted to windows and doors, to ensure that not only are classrooms adequately ventilated but also students of all ages are protected from insects. 

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