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March 05, 2019

How Polar Grade Strip Curtains can help your Cold Room

At Strip Curtains Direct, we have been providing polar grade strip kits to companies who need to efficiently keep their cold rooms at an appropriate temperature for many years. For those businesses whose focus is based on food distribution or pharmaceutical drug storage, these types of PVC strip curtains have been one of the most positive factors in ensuring their processes run smoothly and that they can carry on offering a professional service. There are a number of reasons why polar grade strip curtains are so useful for these industries:

Control Room Temperature

The main benefit of polar grade curtains is that they are perfect for keeping your cold store at the temperature you need it to be at. There are a lot of industries who depend on the contents of a cold room being kept within a particular temperature parameter - for example, meat suppliers need to keep the meat at a constant temperature to stop it spoiling. PVC strip curtains help by restricting the flow of air in and out where possible, preventing cold air from escaping and hot air from leaking in.

Easy Access

PVC curtains are great for health and safety as they are user-friendly and low maintenance. This means that when employees are entering and exiting the cold room, they don't need to worry about injuries as they will be able to pass through the PVC curtains easily. There is also a decrease in hazard potential due to the use of strip curtains potentially reducing the risk of floor ice and other such hazards. All of this adds up to give both employers and employees peace of mind as they realise they are less likely to be faced with any sort of hazard when working.

Easily Cleanable

The use of plastic curtains also helps with the hygienic side of work environments too, because they are not only easily cleanable but can also be replaced easily. This means that if they get scratched or dirty, this can quickly be resolved.

Noise Reducing

One benefit of PVC curtains that people don't often realise is that they are often noise reducing, meaning that any noise generated by machines cooling the storeroom will be blocked off more efficiently. This helps as it gives all of your employees a quieter environment to work in.

Saving Money

The most significant benefit of strip curtains must be the fact that they can save you money on your energy costs, with some customers reporting up to a 33% saving of energy used in freezers. This means that you will free money up to invest elsewhere.

Take a moment to browse our range of cold storage strip curtains, and if you have any questions, please get in touch. One of our experienced members of staff will be happy to help.