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April 23, 2019

New Developments at Strip Curtains Direct

2019 is shaping up to be an excellent year for the Strip Curtains Direct team - especially with our latest news. We've moved! Sales are rocketing, the team is growing, the range of products we can provide is ramping up, and so we decided we needed more space to operate in. It's an exciting time for us, but as you can imagine it was a massive operation to pull off and also came with its own set of challenges. 


We decided late on last year that we needed a new office, to not only accommodate the growing Strip Curtains Direct business, but also a new business we are launching (more on that later). As the company is expanding at such a fast rate, we decided to move to the Windmill Lane Industrial Estate in Denton as we felt it was a perfect place for us to grow.

What Does it Offer Us?

Our unit at Windmill Lane Estate not only offers us enough space to store our full range of PVC Strip Curtain products but also our expanding range of other doors and even pest control products as well.  It also contains office space for our admin and customer service staff as well, meaning we can continue to offer you outstanding customer service.

New Beginnings

As well as allowing us to expand the Strip Curtains Direct business, our new premises have also meant we can now launch our sister business worXmart. worXmart is a purchasing hub for all of your workplace, school and office product needs. We can offer you a choice of over 300 workplace essentials from shelving and racking, workbenches, and lockers right through to more high-end office furniture - and everything in between.

 We already have in place an expert design team who can assist you in the planning of new (or existing) workspace to ensure you are making the most of every square foot and operating most efficiently. Keep an eye on our worXmart website to find out more. 

This premises move marks a proud moment for Strip Curtains Direct, as not only will it accommodate our expanding team but will allow us to continue to grow and develop. Bring on 2019 in our new home.