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May 07, 2019

The Benefits of using Strip Doors in an Industrial Environment

If you are in charge of a warehouse or other industrial environment, then protecting your products from external contaminants while at the same time providing your employees with comfortable working conditions are critical tasks for you - but they can often be expensive tasks as well. 

However, installing heavy-duty plastic door strips in your commercial or industrial unit is one of the most cost-effective ways to not only separate work environments but also prevent dust, noise, insects and the weather in general from irritating your staff or damaging your products. PVC strip curtains can also help you save money on energy costs, by reducing air loss.

Let's take a closer look at some of these benefits of strip doors, to help you be more informed about choosing the best one for your business:

Benefits of Strip Doors

You may look at plastic strip doors and wonder why on earth you should invest in them, but we know from experience that installing plastic strips doors in your kitchen, warehouse or another industrial unit can not only save you money but improve the working environment for your employees too.  Some of the most common benefits business find are:

  • Creating a more comfortable work environment. If your employees are working in an environment where doors or windows are commonly left open, then they may find that their working environment is infiltrated by dust, excessive noise, fumes, insects and so on. Strip doors are purposely designed to encourage a more comfortable and safer working environment by protecting your employees from these undesirable elements.
  • Promoting a better workflow around your site. Now you may think we are a bit nit-picky when we point out that every time one of your employees opens a door, they are losing time, but actually, when you think about it over a day it soon adds up. Doors made from heavy-duty plastic door strips not only increase visibility, so your workers are more aware of their surroundings, but also allow people and vehicles to pass through doors without waiting. 
  • Reduction in energy and heat costs. Depending on your market niche, whether you want to keep hot air in your dish room or cold air inside your walk-in freezer, strip curtains can help to create a barrier between two different temperatures. The benefit of this is that it helps to prevent your heating or cooling system from working too hard to maintain the correct temperature, which will help to reduce your energy and heat costs overall. 
  • Separation of work environments. If you are thinking of installing a traditional door or even a wall to separate two environments within your unit, the costs of this will be significantly higher than if you installed a plastic strip curtain instead. Strip doors are also easier and cheaper to maintain and will cause a lot less disruption to your business during installation.

As you can see, strip doors can be a benefit to many businesses, and here at Strip Curtains Direct, we have many different types to suit all circumstances, including anti-insect, polar grade and even welding curtains. Call us today on 0333 999 7171 for more information.