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September 27, 2016

How to Extend the Life of Your Strip Door

PVC strip doors are becoming increasingly popular these days as they have many business uses, including use in warehouses, cold store facilities, loading docks, restaurants and so on. The benefits of strip doors for commercial use are numerous and include protecting both products and employees from things such as dust and dirt, noise pollution, environmental hazards and so on. PVC Strip Doors do a great job of looking after you but are you looking after them?

It is also widely known that PVC strip doors are an economical way of helping you to reduce energy costs by providing a cost-effective solution to regulating the temperature in various parts of your commercial premises. On an external doorway, for example, they are a great way to keep the heated air inside and the colder air outside. As a business owner, you will want to capitalise on this efficiency by making your strip door last as long as possible, but how can you do this?

The answer to both these questions is the same - choose the correct strip in the first place and then maintain them well.

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Choosing the Correct Strip

If you use a standard PVC strip curtain at the entrance to your cold store, for example, you may find that it isn't very flexible at low temperatures and may in fact split. Therefore, you would be wiser to choose a polar grade kit that is specifically designed to withstand cold temperatures down to as low as -40 degrees. This makes them less likely to break at cold temperatures and should increase their lifespan. Therefore, by choosing the correct strip type for your need, you will not only get the maximum benefit required, but also the longest life from your strip door.

Try Double Ribbed Strips

 If you really want to extend the life of your plastic strip curtain, then you should consider using double ribbed strips. Think about it like this - when a vehicle such as a forklift truck goes through a double ribbed strip, curtain it impacts on the rib first. This allows the flat, more visible part of the strip to stay clearer for longer. Ribbed strips are also better for employees as well, as the ribbed surface prevents the build-up of static that can be quite common on flat surface strips, making it more comfortable for people to walk through a double ribbed strip curtain.

Choose the Right Size Strip

You should think about the use of the doorway when you decide what size strips to buy. For example, if the doorway is used for pedestrian traffic you don't want to choose large strips with a heavy overlap that will be hard for people to push open. On the other hand, a doorway that is being used for forklift traffic will be better with wider ribbed strips that will blow around less in the wind and will be less easily scratched by vehicles.

Keep Them Clean

Sometimes when it becomes difficult to see through a PVC strip door, people believe it is because the strips are scratched, when in fact, it may just be that they need a clean. If your strip door is in an area where it has to contend with a large amount of dust and dirt, then the strip door is keeping those contaminants out by trapping them on its surface. Before you go down the route of replacing a strip door, try giving it a clean instead - you'll be amazed how it can look as good as new!

Keep Replacement Strips To Hand

If you find that that even after you've cleaned it, your strip door looks poor, and it could be time to replace it. But don't panic, you don't have to replace the whole door. If there are only a few strips that are scratched or cracked, then you can replace these easily using our full range of replacement strips. Your best bet is to stock up with a few when you first purchase your curtain so that you can quickly replace them and have a fully functioning strip door for longer.

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