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September 13, 2016

The Top Ten Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains

Plastic strip curtains or flexible PVC strip doors are hanging sheets of PVC that seem simple, but can actually provide a multitude of benefits - especially to the work environment of your employees. You may not realise it, but if you have been struggling with temperature regulation in your workplace or access for reach trucks, then plastic strip curtains could be the solution for you. Here are the top ten benefits associated with using them in an industrial setting:

benefits of pvc strip curtains

  1. Durability

If you run a business where vehicles such as fork lift trucks are going to be moving through an entry or exit way quite regularly, then installing ribbed plastic strips will allow your doorway to stand up to the increased wear and tear easily.

  1. Fast Return on Investment

Once you have installed plastic strip curtains into your business premises, you should soon see a reduction in your energy costs and an increase in productivity - giving you a fast return on your initial investment.

  1. Increase in Workplace Safety

For most business owners, the safety of their employees is a number one priority and installing a strip door can help with this by clearly separating temperature controlled regions and helping to reduce noise pollution.

  1. Made to Measure

It doesn't matter what size your doorway is, we can offer you a plastic strip curtain that exactly meets your needs for no extra cost.

  1. Minimising Delays

If your employees are moving around your workplace constantly, the fact that they are opening and shutting doors frequently can play havoc with your temperature control and the associated noise levels can damage productivity. Installing a strip door will dramatically improve the flow of pedestrians and vehicles around your site and do away with the aforementioned issues.

  1. Partitioning

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to separate a large space, such as a warehouse, then plastic strip curtains are definitely the best (and cheapest) option.

  1. Reduced Energy Bills

Better temperature regulation thanks to your use of plastic strip curtains, means an increase in thermal efficiency, which in turn, means a reduction in your business’s energy consumption and therefore a reduced energy bill.

  1. Sawdust and Spray Protection

If you run a business where chemicals are sprayed, or fine airborne particles are produced in large quantities, then you don't want these contaminants spreading to other areas within your business. Installing a PVC strip curtain around the area is a great cost-effective way to contain the mess.

  1. Sound Proofing

Strip doors are not just great for temperature regulation and dust control, but they are also fantastic for preventing the sound of noisy machinery from disturbing other employees in your workplace.

  1. Temperature Regulation

Sometimes in a workplace, you need to ensure that certain areas have a regulated temperature. For example, a food storage unit or a server data centre. Strip doors are perfect for these areas as they allow for free movement of traffic and allow the temperature to be regulated successfully.

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