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February 17, 2020

How do welding curtains protect your employees?

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, we are the leading supplier of quality PVC Strip Curtains in the UK, but that isn’t all we offer. We have expanded our product range recently to include other PVC products that can help to improve your business environment - including a range of welding curtains and screens. 

What are welding curtains?

Welding curtains are protective barriers made from PVC welding strips that can help to reduce the amount of UV light employees are exposed to when they are performing welding operations.  Our welding screens use the 470mm x 1600mm PVC welding strips which are available in red, green or bronze and which allow welders to complete their tasks safely, while also protecting other employees from having their eyesight damaged by the light created by the welding arc.

We offer a range of welding curtains in various sizes, all of which are attached to moveable frames enabling you to position them correctly around your welding area to give the maximum protection.

What are the benefits of using welding curtains?

There are five main benefits attached to our welding curtains, and they are:

#1 Adjustable protection

Our welding curtains are attached to frames of various shapes and sizes, from the Defender 100 welding screen (which is 1520mm x 1900mm) to the Defender 500 welding screen (which is 4115mm x 1900mm).  This means you can choose the right size and design based on the area your employees are working in.

#2 Burn Protection

Welding curtains help protect employees from developing dangerous flash burns which can develop from looking at the UV light created by a welding torch - even if you aren’t looking at it directly. These burns can be painful and dangerous and so are best avoided. 

Using welding screens around the welding area can help to reduce this risk. The welder will probably be protected by their helmet, but the addition of a welding screen can help protect everybody else in the area.

#3 Meet International Safety Requirements

Welding curtains are not just a good idea to protect your employees, they are also required by the Health and Safety Executive.  Under their Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations, they mandate that welding screens be used in workplaces in order to prevent passersby from being exposed to potentially harmful UV light.

The PVC welding curtains we produce here at Strip Curtains Direct also comply with international standards and regulations for "Health and Safety in Welding" - namely the EN1598 standard.

#4 Privacy and Protection

Welding screens don’t just protect passers-by they also protect the welder too. They can be used to cordon off an area so that the welder can focus on what they need to do without having to worry about anyone else approaching or heavy equipment coming into the area.

#5 Permanent or Temporary Solutions

You have the option of installing welding screens on a temporary or permanent basis in order to create a designated area where welders can work without having to worry about endangering others or being disturbed. This type of setup is common in manufacturing facilities where welding is part of the manufacturing process, as well as job sites where a lot of welding is required. 

The beauty of our temporary, portable welding screens is that they can be set up wherever needed on a job site in order to provide UV protection for employees while still giving welders the opportunity to work where they need to.

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