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March 09, 2020

Mobile Shelving - why make the switch?

You may have seen the banner on our homepage advertising our new Delta Plus steel mobile shelving range - and wondered what all the fuss was about.  Well, mobile storage systems like this are a more flexible option when compared to traditional storage solutions, as not only are they high density but space-saving as well. 

 If you are not sure why you should switch from a traditional shelving unit to rolling stacks in your office environment, then let us show you five reasons why you should:


If you have static shelving in a warehouse, it can mean that your employees spend a lot of time traversing the area looking for particular items. Mobile shelving systems can increase the storage density of a space, and so allow users to locate items and navigate to them much more quickly. This can reduce strain on individuals, which is especially important if you have employees with health or mobility issues.


One of the major benefits of the Delta Plus Shelving System is that it is highly customisable with a range of accessories meaning it can be used to store a variety of items in a variety of different ways, from bin solutions for small parts in a distribution centre to divider systems which are ideal for storing garments in an eCommerce warehouse - you can adjust the configuration of your shelves as your business grows and changes.

Health and Safety

The design of mobile shelving with roller racking means that the distance that your employees need to travel to transfer items is dramatically reduced, which will have a positive impact on your health and safety record. High-density storage like this can also eliminate the possibility of stored items being pushed from one side to the other, or falling off shelves - which can happen with more traditional open-sided shelves.

Mobile office shelving systems are also safe to operate, despite being partly mechanised. The mechanical system reduces strain on the operator and also keeps items that are stored safe from any damage.


Static shelves and racking systems can be difficult to secure, as while the room they are in can be locked, the actual shelves can’t. This means if someone does manage to get into the room they can easily access the items on the shelves as well. This will certainly be an issue if there is anything of value on the shelves - such as electronic items or sensitive documents.

Mobile shelving is great for this as Delta Plus back and side panels are combined with a locking mechanism in order to help you to keep items secure.

Space Saving

Opting for mobile shelving over static shelving means that your shelves will be placed in a concertina formation so that a single aisle is created between two rows of shelves which can be accessed through either pull handles or a hand-operated mechanical system. The rest of the shelves remain closed together.

Our range of mobile shelving systems saves on storage space by removing the need for a large amount of floor space to be used for several aisles. Your storage capacity is therefore increased, while the amount of space used is decreased - allowing you to store twice as much in the same area or use some of the space for something else.

As you can see, the Delta Plus steel shelving system is as flexible and versatile as our range of plastic strip curtains.

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