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February 03, 2020

Why you need window fly screens for your business

Many people have fly screens installed in their homes, but in recent years we have seen an increase in the number of people installing insect screens for windows in their commercial premises as well. But why are window fly screens so essential for businesses? Let’s take a look at how our range of pest control products can help to protect your business from annoying insects. 

Fly Screens for Offices

Over the past few years, the UK has enjoyed an increase in temperature in the summer months, which has unfortunately led to an increase in the number of flying insects as well.  However, sitting in a boiling hot office can reduce the productivity of employees, which means that many businesses resort to air conditioning - which can be expensive. An alternative to this is to install fly screens or fly screen doors from Strip Curtains Direct to help you to cool your office down while keeping pests, flies and insects out. They will also keep your energy costs down as you won’t be so reliant on air conditioning.

Fly Screens for Restaurants and Food Establishments

There are strict regulations set by the Food Standards Agency in the UK that are aimed to ensure restaurants and other food outlets have pest prevention solutions in place to ensure strict hygiene standards are set. This is important as flying insects can cause health issues such as salmonella, which is why having effective pest control products in place is critical.

The fly screens and fly screen doors available from Strip Curtains Direct perfect for restaurants and food establishments. Our fly screens for windows allow air to enter food preparation areas, kitchens and dining rooms while ensuring insects are prevented from entering.  They are also easy to clean and maintain, and very cost-effective.

Fly Screens for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities

When we are faced with hot weather in the UK, many teachers and lecturers have found that it can be hard to teach. Our pest control solutions can be easily fitted in a teaching environment to ensure that classrooms remain properly ventilated while protecting children from insects. They can be particularly useful for classes which contain children who are allergic to bee or wasp stings.

You can also fit our fly screens and fly screen doors to areas such as university laboratories and canteens where food is prepared and served to ensure no bugs carrying bacteria can enter these areas.

Fly Screens for Care Homes

A lot of people who live in care homes and retirement homes don’t get as much fresh air as we would like them to, and so fly screens for windows can be really useful as it allows air to enter their rooms which keep insects out. Not only will their rooms be fresher due to the improvement in air circulation, but it will prevent bad reactions from insect bites or stings.

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