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July 06, 2016

How Can Plastic Strip Curtains Help with Warehouse Traffic Management?

As a company who supply PVC Strip Curtains to many warehouses and industrial units, we know that there are a large number of warehouse accidents per year - and they are on the rise. Therefore, warehouse management is really important to try to minimise the chance of accidents; plastic door curtains can play a huge role in this. A warehouse manager is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of everyone who enters a warehouse, by managing the physical environment, the equipment used, employees and visitors. Their ultimate aim is to vastly decrease the chances of any collisions or accidents, whilst helping the flow of inbound and outbound goods.

Warehouse Traffic Flow

Part of a warehouse manager’s role is ensuring that employees are fully aware of health and safety issues associated with working in a warehouse. This can be done by talking to employees and encouraging them to report any issues they see as well. A warehouse manager should also inspect the workplace regularly to pick up on any potential issues and then ensure that all identified problems are quickly fixed. They should also ensure that all employees are trained to carry out their work correctly and they should be supervised until they are ready to do so.

The correct management of load shifting equipment is also important. The warehouse manager needs to spend time studying the movement of both equipment and people within the warehouse environment in order to identify any hot spots for collisions. They should then use this information to create no-go areas for both vehicles and pedestrians based on braking distance, loads handled, stability and movement. One way of separating paths for people and equipment is to use clear PVC door strips, which will allow ease of movement and protect against noise and air pollution.

At Strip Curtains Direct, we have a variety of PVC Rolls available, including our Double Ribbed Bulk PVC Roll, which offers a higher strength and durability than our standard PVC roll. This makes it ideal for areas where there will be a large amount of traffic passing through on a regular basis - whether it be pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The other great feature of this product is that it is suitable for temperatures from -10c to +38c, which makes it ideal for food storage warehouses too.

Other important considerations for warehouse managers are signs and warning devices. Managers should ensure that all vehicles have high-visibility markings on them and that pedestrians who have to enter vehicular areas also wear high-visibility jackets and clothing. Additional lighting and clear warning signs are also useful, as is fitting all vehicles with flashing lights and reversing beepers.

There are many things that a warehouse manager has to think about when dealing with the safety of their warehouse, and PVC strip curtains are just one tool which can make their job a little easier. For more information about our plastic door curtains and PVC rolls, please call us on 0333 999 7171 or drop us an email at