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June 07, 2016

Why is Temperature Control So Important in Data Centres?

Almost everyone uses the internet on a daily basis, whether it is to check our emails, book a hotel room, or run a company! Therefore, the effective operation of the Internet is now crucial to the functioning of many individuals and businesses around the world. With over three billion people online everyday, one can only begin to imagine the amount of data being produced and accessed, which is, in turn, creating a huge increase in demand for an effective digital infrastructure. The data centre is at the heart of everything we do as individuals, to some extent, as they ensure that all the information out there is safely stored. The data centre industry is growing immensely on a daily basis because of this popularity, as is the way that we safeguard this data.

Datacentre anti-static curtains

But, what has this got to do with plastic curtains? Well, one of the main issues in data centres all over the world over is heat. A data centre is a very complex facility, with lots of electrical and optical connections densely packed into a small space. This can easily result in equipment overheating, which will have dramatic consequences on the efficiency of the entire building. In the past, many data centre owners have opted for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) equipment, but this can lead to problems with water accumulation, which can then interrupt server operations.

On top of this, some older server facilities rely on diesel-powered backup generators that have been squeezed into spaces that they were not designed for. If this generator starts to leak, and this goes undetected, it could rapidly lead to a fire which will be beyond the capabilities of most sprinkler systems.

Another issue with data centres is the cold. A lot of data centre owners are choosing to locate their centres in colder environments in the hope that this will combat some heat related issues and thus reduce energy and cooling costs. However, this is not the ideal solution that some believe it to be, as cold weather can be just as hazardous to a data centre as warm weather! For example, if the air outside the data centre is too cold, this can lead to difficulties in heating it, which means that the data centre then has to operate outside of its normal temperature guidelines.

This is where our Anti-Static PVC door curtains come in. They are manufactured especially to be used in a server or data centre environment, as they have a special anti-static additive added in manufacture. They have proven to be a highly effective way of controlling temperatures in heavily air-conditioned areas, as well as providing a very effective barrier against noise and air-pollution. They can be used in both internal and external doorways and will stand up to heavy pedestrian traffic and light vehicular traffic.

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