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January 12, 2017

Green New Year's Resolutions


Make 2017 Your Most Eco-Friendly Yet!

It is 2017, time for reflection and resolutions - and Planet Earth is not happy with us. Research has shown that the Earth is changing rapidly and many plant and animal species are becoming extinct daily. An ever-expanding population with an ever-growing demand for precious resources such as water, soil and wood is meaning that these resources are rapidly becoming harder to find or even depleted. We are also pumping more industrial toxins into our food, water, medicine and homes and this is taking a toll on our health. So, this year, we aim to think less about New Year's Resolutions and put more focus on New Year’s Revolution's. Here are some ideas for things that you can do this year to not only make a big difference to the Earth, but they can also save you some money as well.

Green New Year Resolutions

Think About Your Fuel Consumption

The one change you can make that would have a huge impact on the environment is to reduce your transportation footprint. Car pollution leads to smog and poor air quality which can cause asthma attacks in children. So why not think a little more about your journeys in 2017 and before automatically reaching for your car keys, think whether you could walk, cycle or take public transportation instead.

Consider Your Levels of Energy Consumption Too

There are lots of ways that energy is wasted in your home, and at your place of business as well - and this affects your levels of energy consumption massively. Some top examples include lights left on in empty rooms, no thermostatic controls on your heating system, and inappropriate bulbs in lighting fixtures. You can also reduce your levels of energy consumption by using plastic curtains as an insulator, both in your home and your workplace. Also, check your energy supply arrangements as well, especially if you haven't reviewed them in the last 12 months or so as you will probably be paying too much.

Buy More Ethically

An easy change you could make is to commit to buying at least one of the regular items you purchase from a more ethical source, whether it is buying vegetables from a market stall instead of a supermarket, or using recycled paper at work. Buying more environmentally friendly stuff can only be a good thing!

Get Outdoors More

Save yourself money on your gym membership and explore the great outdoors instead. Stop driving to the gym to run on a machine in an air-conditioned environment, and instead, head to your local park to run in the fresh air instead.

Become a Grower

No matter how small your garden, everyone can surely squeeze in a couple of pots on the windowsill filled with herbs, or you can go so far as to take on an allotment and grow your own fruit and veg on a larger scale. Growing your own food not only connects you to the natural lifecycle of the earth, but it also tastes better and enhances your confidence too. A winner all round!

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