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January 11, 2017

Safety Issues in Warehouses

Top Tips For Keeping Your Warehouse Safe

Safety is sometimes a controversial subject as some people think it is a bit of a waste of time when they should be concentrating on productivity instead. Warehouses are known as being places of speed and efficiency so anything that gets in the way of this can be seen as counter-productive. The smartest warehouse managers realise that warehouse safety is essential to ensure the smooth running of the warehouse.

Warehouses can cover a lot of business sectors such as manufacturing, importing, wholesale and transportation. A large amount of activities take place within warehouses which means that the risk of injuries and fatalities at work is higher than in other workplaces. Workplace accidents not only hurt the employees involved, but also have an impact on their family and co-workers as well. Therefore, ensuring that all employees work carefully and get home safely every day is a priority.

Safety Issues in Warehouses

As an employer, you are ultimately responsible for protecting workers from hazards, and the diverse nature of the warehouse environment can make this challenging. Warehouses are spaces that contain moving vehicles, heavy goods stored high up, heavy equipment and a range of potentially hazardous substances. There are many factors that contribute to a safe work environment, and some of the areas you need to consider are:

Floor Condition

Some of the most common causes of staff injuries are falls, slips and trips and like most accidents they are preventable. Uneven slopes should be avoided in the planning stage of warehouse layouts as these can create issues for both foot traffic and vehicles, especially when vehicles are carrying heavy loads or reversing. Slippery surfaces and debris can also cause problems - not only reducing the amount of workspace available, but by creating tripping obstacles as well. Having designated areas for storage and a routine for clearing up may seem like a chore, but the benefits of having a tidy and clean work environment cannot be overstated.


Warehouses would be nothing without forklifts, and employees would have more injuries in the way of repetitive strain issues. However, while forklifts are essential for getting tasks completed on time, extra safety precautions have to be taken to reduce the number of workplace accidents. Drivers should undergo regular training to ensure they understand the equipment and how to distribute weight correctly when maneuvering loads. Environmental factors are very important in ensuring that there is minimal contact between vehicles and foot traffic, and PVC Strip Curtains are a great way to do this. They are an effective way to also identify hazardous areas while keeping clear sightlines and walkways unobstructed.

Loading Docks

The area that sees the most amount of traffic in warehouses is the loading bay. And no matter how skilled the forklift driver is there will always be an issue with visibility when large trailers are backing up. If there are not clear receiving methods in place, non-company staff can be in danger of being injured, and smooth shipping transactions will not take place. Therefore, dock entryways should be clearly marked and be protected so that vehicles do not back into the building structure causing damage. Again, PVC Strip Curtains can be used to do this, as they are available in heavy ribbed and coloured varieties.

Taking proper precautions to establish a safe environment is very important when it comes to Warehousing.  In the end, most people will agree that staying safe and healthy are key pillars in maintaining an enjoyable workplace, and PVC Strip Curtains are one tool you can use to do this.

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