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June 06, 2018

Fly Screens: A Guide

 We've talked a lot in the past about how fly screens for windows are essential for commercial premises, for many reasons - not least keeping the little pests out while allowing for free air flow. However, we offer eight different types of window fly screens at Strip Curtains Direct, and we are aware that you may not be too sure of what the differences are - so we have pulled together this quick guide for you.

Standard Fly Screen

This is a powder coated aluminium frame with mitred corners for added strength and durability. The mesh that makes up the fly screen is kept in place within the window with a combination of turn buttons and hinges so that it can be easily removed for cleaning. This screen also features a nylon brush around the outside which is ideal for keeping flying insects out. This screen is an easy-to-install durable screen that offers value for money for both commercial and domestic use.

Canopy Box Insect Screens

Again, this consists of a powder coated aluminium frame with mitred corners for added strength and durability. It is ideal for use where internal screening is not possible, such as on external roof vents, centre pivot windows and louvres.

Centre Pivot Fly Screens

If you do have a centre pivot window and don't fancy a canopy box (for whatever reason), then you could look at our centre pivot fly screen. One fly screen is secured externally to the top half of the window, while the other is secured internally to the bottom of the window. The window itself then opens normally between the two fly screens. This option also includes a nylon brush to create a seal.

Chain Winder Fly Screen System

If you are struggling with a window that is awkward to access, then you need a chain winder flyscreen system.  This is a solution where a chain winder is attached to the existing window, and the fly screen is fitted over the top. This means that the window can be easily opened and closed without the need to remove the filter, therefore prolonging the life of both the screen and the window.

Flexi-Con Window Operating System

An alternative to the chain winder system for an awkward window is the flexi-con window operating system. This consists of a worm drive hidden inside a decorative metal sleeve and operated by the use of a handle. The benefit of this type of operation over the chain winder is the possibility of connecting up to four windows to the same handle.

Retractable Ventalite

This is a solution that has been designed to blend seamlessly into your wooden or uPVC window and uses fibreglass only. An anti-wind mechanism is included so that the mesh remains entirely within the side guides even when it is under pressure, and a braking device allows for smooth retraction of the screen when needed as well.

Screen and Sub Frame

This fly screen solution is for windows where the handle sticks out further than the frame does. The sub-frame works by situating the screen away from the window, therefore, prolonging the fly screen life as there is no danger of the handle making contact with, or piercing the screen.

Sliding Screen

If you want easy access to your windows for cleaning, then your best option is the sliding screen. This consists of a sturdy aluminium outer frame in which two independently moving screens are fitted. These can be fitted either horizontally or vertically - and a triple slider is also an option as well.

If you are unsure of which fly screen is suitable for your business then please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. You can call us on 0333 999 7171 or send us an email to