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August 07, 2017

Keep Bugs at Bay this Summer

The food industry is a huge global industry with food trade being valued at around £400 billion annually, and this has an enormous impact on both economy and the health industry in the UK. Large organisations, such as the national Government, world trade bodies and even the UN are concerned with the food industry as they believe that every human has the right to expect a high standard of food. But what has this got to do with door plastic curtains?

Well, pests such as flies present a huge problem to the food industry and this is something we can help with. Flies can easily contaminate food at various stages through the food supply chain, which can cause harm to a food businesses reputation. Whenever a fly lands on equipment, food or a work surface it causes contamination through the bacteria that it carries on its feet, its body hairs and in the saliva, that it passes when it is eating food. Even if the fly does not leave bacteria on food, it may still cause contamination by falling into the food - no one wants a mouthful of fly, do they?

There are several different types of flies, including common house flies which tend to breed in rotting vegetable and food waste. There is also the lesser house fly which tends to prefer manure, and so is a significant problem on farms. Blowflies breed in carcases, and scrap meat and so are often found in food production areas and slaughter houses. Fruit flies don't just like fruit; they also like to breed in areas where there is poor kitchen hygiene such as rotting fruit and vegetables, beer, milk and vinegar of all things!

As you have probably gathered, it is much easier to stop the flies getting into your food preparation area that it is to get them out once they are in there. This is where we come in. We now offer a wide range of fly screens for both doors and windows. This allows you to open doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate while keeping flies and other pests out. 

There are also other things you can do to prevent the spread of flies, such as keeping food covered as much as possible and making sure that waste is dealt with correctly in order to avoid the attraction of flies. Having a clean-as-you-go policy in all areas of the food supply chain is also a good idea. 

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