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May 28, 2018

How PVC Crash Doors Can Help to Ensure a Hygienic Processing Plant

The Hygiene of your Processing Plant Relies on PVC Crash Doors

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of PVC crash doors, we have worked with a variety of companies over the years including food and beverage manufacturers. One of the most critical considerations this type of company has is hygiene - there are lots of legal demands connected to this, and it can be quite a challenge.

Here are some of the things that processing plant managers have to keep in mind to ensure their processing plant is hygienic:

Construction standards

Design and construction standards are evolving all the time, and even everyday items have gone through an improvement process. What this means at Strip Curtains Direct is that we keep a close eye on the products we are manufacturing to make sure they are all up to standard, and no improvements need to be made. For processing plants, this is even more important as manufacturing machines will be developed all the time which may be better at keeping pests out, better at creating less dust and dirt, and so on. Upgrading to newer equipment may be costly to start with but can save you money in the long run by preventing potential bacterial problems as well as lowering your maintenance costs.

One of our other products which may help with prevention of bacterial issues, for example, are our antimicrobial PVC strip curtains. We have manufactured these in collaboration with SteriTouch Ltdand Vinyl Compounds Ltd, and they are unique within the market. They have silver ions embedded in the strip, which help to provide an anti-microbial barrier against a variety of bacteria, including E.Coli, MRSA and Legionella.


Your employees have a huge part to play in the hygiene levels at your facility, and so you should carefully consider things such as the position of toilet facilities, lunch areas and doors. The way people move about your site is also significant so that visitors don't walk along the food processing line during working hours, or wander into enclosed spaces where they shouldn't be. A good way to segregate areas is to use our crash doors, as this means that employees and vehicles can get into areas quickly when they need to, but when space is not being used, the doors efficiently seal it off, preventing pests, dust and dirt from entering and potentially causing hygiene issues.


As well as thinking about how people flow through your processing site, you also need to think about how your processes flow as well. Think about the whole process from when delivery of ingredients arrives, to when the finished product is collected for distribution. Time is of the essence in a food processing plant normally, as when you are working with fresh or frozen food, the less time it spends out in the open, the better. One way of reducing the amount of time food spends out in the open is using PVC crash doors so that forklift trucks can get in and out of areas more easily.


Waste management is one of the most critical parts of hygiene control in a food processing plant, especially when it comes to pest control. As well as using crash doors to help keep insects and birds out, we also offer a couple of other products that can help: our fly screensand doors, and also our anti-insect curtains. Our screens and doors are made of mesh which allows for a free flow of air, while preventing dust, dirt and insects from entering the area.

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