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December 15, 2015

Strip Curtains Direct is Expanding into Drop-Shipping

Strip Curtains Direct is thrilled to announce that we are expanding into drop-shipping in order to make our PVC Strip Curtains even more accessible to customers. But, what is drop-shipping, and what are its benefits?

Dropshipping is basically a way of us promoting our products on various retail sites, without the retailer having to store lots of our products in their warehouses. What it means is that when the retailer sells one of our PVC strip curtain products or plastic door strips, they then purchase it from us directly and send it out to their customer. This means that the retailer does not need to stock or own their own inventory of our products, but simply purchase it as required from us in order to fulfil their orders.

Dropship services from Strip curtains direct

So, how does a drop-shipped order get processed? Well, let's take an example of an order placed with Cupboards Direct, an online merchant that specialises in industrial and office products. Cupboards Direct dropships all of its plastic door strips from Strip Curtains Direct. So, here is how the order process will look:

The first step is that the customer, Mr Jones, will place an order for some PVC Strip Curtains with Cupboards Direct via their online store. Once the order has been approved, both Mr Jones and Cupboards Direct receive an email confirming the order that is automatically generated by the retailer’s software. During the checkout process, Mr Jones’ payment is captured and deposited into the Cupboards Direct bank account.

Next, Cupboards Direct will forward the confirmation of order email to Strip Curtains Direct. We have Cupboards Direct payment details on file, and will bill them for the cost of the goods, including shipping costs and any processing fees. If the item is in stock and the customer payment clears, then we will then box up the order and ship it directly to Mr Jones. Although the shipment is coming from us, it will have the Cupboards Direct name and address on the returns label, and their logo will appear on the invoice and packing slip. Once the shipment has been finalised, we will then send an invoice and packing number to Cupboards Direct.

Now don't worry if all of this sounds complicated, it is not a long process at all. The turnaround time on dropshipped orders is usually quite quick and we are normally able to get a drop-shipped order shipped within a few hours.

Once Cupboards Direct have received the tracking number, they will then communicate this to Mr Jones, more often than not by email. With the payment collected, the orders shipped and the customer notified the order and fulfilment process is complete.

As individual plastic curtain suppliers, Strip Curtains Direct are really excited about the opportunity that dropshipping presents us with to get our PVC Strip Curtains to more customers. For more information about our strip curtain offer, please call us on 0333 999 7171 or email us at