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February 18, 2016

The Importance of Temperature Control in Warehouses

Why is Temperature Control so Important in a Warehouse Situation?

Running a warehouse is not a simple job, as storing things correctly takes a lot of thinking about. Nowadays, many warehouses are technologically advanced spaces which rely on a multitude of systems to ensure the smooth running of the warehouse. As individual plastic strip curtains suppliers, we know that one process that is often overlooked within a warehouse, is the climate control process. If done incorrectly this can have disastrous consequences. If you do not have a suitable climate control process in place in a warehouse, this could lead to damaged stock and other unaccounted for costs associated with the installation of a climate control system at a later date.

Climate control covers two aspects of the internal condition within a warehouse: temperature and humidity. These two factors can have a huge impact on the condition of stock stored within the warehouse. For example, warehouses that store electrical items for retailers will need to ensure that the level of humidity within the storage units are maintained, so that the electrical components within the goods are not damaged. Warehouses that store pharmaceutical goods will need to ensure that temperature levels are somewhere between 2 to 8 degrees, to ensure the chemical stability of these medical items is not affected in any way.

The food industry has also seen a change in storage regulations within the past few years; the public’s acceptance of food preservatives has changed. Many people now prefer food that is free from unnecessary additives, meaning perishable foodstuffs need to be stored in adequately cooled conditions to prevent spoiling and, therefore, financial losses. This has put huge pressures on warehouses to get their temperature controlled facilities right.

This is where Strip Curtains Direct come in, with our Super Polar Grade Plastic Door Strips that can withstand temperatures lower than any other product on the market. These are ideal to help regulate temperatures within a warehouse. Super Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtains are perfect for colder environments, as they stay flexible and resist cracking. They work in temperatures from -55 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius. Polar Grade Plastic Door Strips can be used across door openings, as an economical way of separating two areas while still maintaining the correct temperature in both areas. They can be used in the doorways of walk-in freezers and cold storage openings to allow people to enter and exit freely and keep dust and noise to a minimum. They are also really useful in keeping out birds, insects and other pests from the cold storage area - which would be disastrous from a food safety point of view.

The PVC Strip Curtains available from Strip Curtains Direct, can not only assist in temperature control for warehouses, but many other areas as well. They can be used to not only protect supplies and equipment, but also to reduce heater wear and filter maintenance, which will help with keeping costs down moving forwards.

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