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August 09, 2016

How Easy is it to Replace Plastic Door Strips?

As manufacturers and suppliers of plastic door strips with many years’ experience in the business, we have built up quite a knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the industry in general. We know from experience that replacing a strip on a set of industrial curtains, for example, is a job that doesn't take as much time as the first installation of the curtain, as the hardware is already installed. However, we have seen that many warehouse managers wait until the majority of the strips are cracked or broken before replacing them because they mistakenly believe this is a time-consuming process.

However, during the time that they are using the industrial curtain, it is getting more and more damaged, so they are not getting the full benefit of the strip door. Old and damaged curtains are less effective at containing noise, stopping pollution and repelling insects. In addition, if they are not replacing the strips as they become damaged, they could become too scratched to see through and therefore cause health & safety issues. For example, a fork lift driver may not be able to see someone standing on the other side of the strip door and this could lead to an accident. If a strip is completely broken, then it will allow heat, dust and other environmental elements to enter into the area. In warehouses, where strip curtains are used in abundance, warehouse managers want to ensure that their curtains are performing at a high standard, so regularly replacing or maintaining them is a must.

When we think about the process of replacing a damaged strip, it does seem to be slightly long-winded. The most time-consuming part being actually getting the strip to the correct size you need. You would have to roll out the strip, measure the correct length needed (allowing for shrinkage) and then cut the strip. After this, you would need to measure out and mark on the strip where the mounting holes would need to go, punch out the holes, and then repeat the same process for every strip that needs replacing. This process can take a few hours, which is why we have come up with our replacement PVC Strip Curtains Strips, to help make your life easier.

We have taken all the time-consuming work out of your hands with our new range of replacement strips. All of our replacement strips are pre-cut to the length you need and come with the mounting holes already pre-punched into each strip. This will save you so much time and is much more cost-effective than waiting until the whole curtain needs replacing. It also means that you can keep a couple of spare strips in stock, so that as soon as a strip is damaged you have what you need on hand to replace it straight away.

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