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July 21, 2015

Customer Testimonial on our PVC Roll Curtains

At Strip Curtains Direct we are committed to delivering excellent customer service, and our products always deliver what they promise. We are passionate about plastic door curtains, and believe our quality product knows no bounds. Our PVC Roll Curtains are made to your exacting specifications, and are built to last.

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Our customers say our PVC roll curtains are second to none!

But what is exceptional customer service? At Strip Curtains Direct we like to define it as “exceeding the customers’ expectations – so that the standard and level of service received exceed what the customer would usually define as normal or expected.” As you can see, giving exceptional customer service can be really difficult, as people standards of service expectations changes all the time – what might have been exceptional six months ago, may not be exceptional today! We measure our exceptional customer service by the feedback we get. It is a widely felt consensus that customers are more likely to share a bad experience than they are a good one – so if we receive written feedback from a customer this means we have done really well, especially when it is not prompted in any way.

So, when we recently received this wonderful letter of recommendation from a customer, we decided that the best thing to do was to share it with you:

2nd of April 2015

We have a large industrial production unit, which is manufacturing and distributing products 24 hours 7 days a week. The site has a large number of Industrial and pedestrian doorways which over the years we have fitted PVC strip curtains to some of the doorways, using our own staff incurring down time, and overtime costs, we have also used contractors on an ad hoc basis.

Strip Curtains Direct carried out a full survey of our site and gave us a competitive quote to remove the old and damaged existing PVC strip curtains and replace them with high quality new PVC strip curtains complete with a stainless steel hanging system, which allows for us to easily remove the strips when needed from certain doors in the summer for ventilation purposes.

The installation staff from Strip Curtains Direct were very professional and caused the minimum of inconvenience to both my staff and the production process, carrying out a first class installation of the product in a speedy and clean and tidy manner.

We also opted for one of the maintenance packages offered by Strip Curtains Direct where they carry out a monthly inspection of the PVC strip curtains, they then advise us of any maintenance or potential health and safety issues that require action, which is usually carried out by their service staff within 5 working days of the inspection. This service gives me the peace of mind that the Companies industrial and pedestrian doorways that have PVC strip curtains fitted are inspected and serviced on a regular basis guaranteeing year round clarity of the PVC strip curtains to ensure we adhere to health and safety recommendations and reduce the heating costs for the site therefore maintaining our duty of care towards our employees.

We have no hesitation in recommending Strip Curtains Direct as a quality supplier and installer of PVC strip curtains.

Kind regards


We just wanted to say thank you to Steve, for taking the time to write to us – and share with you how important each and every one of our customers is. We offer a wide variety of strip curtains, to suit many manufacturing and industrial businesses – and aim to be able to help you whatever your needs may be. Our standard strip curtains possess excellent thermal insulation properties, which when combined with the ease of access for both vehicles and pedestrians, means they are a really practical solution to combat loss of warm air which is usually caused by people or vehicles entering or exiting buildings. They are also excellent at acting as a barrier for fumes, dust, noise and various other environmental hazards.

For more information about PVC Rolls, or to experience our exceptional customer service yourself, please head over to our website at: or give us a call on 0333 999 7171.