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June 12, 2015

Taking Care of your PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are ideal as an economical way of separating temperatures within your commercial space, and therefore reducing your energy costs. For example, when used on an external door they keep the hot air in, and the cold air out. As you can see, PVC Strip Curtains do a great job of protecting you, your employees and your business from a wide variety of things – are you doing anything to protect your PVC Strip Curtains? To ensure your PVC Strip Curtains are truly economical you need them to last as long as possible, and so here are Strip Curtains Direct tips for helping your Plastic Door Curtains last longer.

 To begin with you need to select the correct strip for your requirements will always ensure it gives better performance, and then it is just about the correct maintenance and care.

Correct Material

Plastic Strip Curtains are available for many specialist uses, so you need to ensure that you pick the correct curtain for your requirement. For example, if you have a walk-in freezer and you place a standard PVC Strip at the doorway, you will soon discover the fact that it is less flexible at low temperatures and it may even crack. So, you should choose polar grade strip curtains as these are designed to withstand cold temperatures, and so are more flexible and much less likely to crack or break in temperatures between -40c and +25. If you have a data centre, then you may want to look at our anti-static PVC strip curtains as they help to eliminate the static charge and so controls temperature more easily.

Consider Ribbed Strips

Ribbed PVC Strips are ideal if you want the longest lasting PVC strips, as the ribs are impacted first when a vehicle hits the curtain. This means that the flat part of the strip will remain stronger for longer. Ribbed strips are great for indoor walkways too, as they have a natural resistance to static. Static can sometimes build up on normal strip curtains, and this can make them harder for people to walk through. The design of the ribs on our PVC strip curtains means that they don’t stick together as much, meaning your employees will be able to pass through them easier.

Choose the Appropriate Size

Again, think about the application for which the curtain will be used for, and then select the correct size. For example, a strip curtain comprising of large strips would be no good for an office doorway, as it would be hard for people to push their way through. On the other hand, a doorway made out of small strip curtains would be no good for a Warehouse door as it needs to be able to withstand strong winds and heavy, industrial traffic.

Keep the Strips Clean

If your strip curtains are hard to see through, you may make the mistake of thinking they are scratched, when in fact they may just be dirty. If you think about all the pollutions and hazards that your strip curtain is keeping out of your workplace, it is no wonder that it gets so dirty. If you think your strip curtains are scratched, just try cleaning one first before you order a replacement!

Don’t Have the Time

Strip Curtains Direct offer a comprehensive range of maintenance packages that consist of regular site visits where your curtains are inspected, cleaned and replaced if necessary. All of our customers also benefit from our bronze maintenance service where you are given the tools and encouragement to conduct inspections yourself so any replacement strips can be ordered when required, ensuring your PVC Strip Curtains are always in the best possible condition.

If your strip curtains aren’t maintained properly, they can easily become a health and safety hazard and this is the reason our after sales service is so important to our customers.

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