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May 21, 2015

Using Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains

Today, many companies use large-scale computer systems, and so most people will have heard the term “data centre.” But, what does it mean? Well, in the 1940s when computers became widely used, they tended to be so large that whole rooms had to be put to be used to house them. Even though the computers of today bear little or no resemblance to the machines of this era, the functional scope of computers has grown so much that the systems required to run them still need to occupy a similar amount of space. Even though the PCs of today are far more powerful than any mainframe system from the 1940s, there are still complex IT infrastructures which require a large amount of hardware which needs to be housed in a properly outfitted room, which depending on their size are either called a “server room” or a “data centre.”

Data centre Curtains

Data Centres and Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains

Data centres tend to be run by large companies or Government agencies, due to their size. However, they are becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to provide a cloud-based solution service for personal and business applications.

The basic characteristics of a “server room” or “data centre” are basically the same, regardless of what size they are because of the fact that each company’s success usually depends on the smooth operation of software – and this has to be safeguarded. Of course, all computers require electricity, protection from manipulation of hardware, and protection from theft. So, basically, data centres need to be protected from external influences and they also need to be cooled sufficiently – after all there is a lot of hardware sat in one place and this can cause an enormous amount of heat.

For this reason, data centres are normally made up of a well-constructed sturdy building that houses servers, data storage devices, cables, and internet connections. In addition, most centres will also have a large amount of equipment that is associated with supplying power and cooling things down, and more often than not there will be an automatic fire extinguisher system. All electronic components especially the processors will generate heat when in operation. If this heat is not dissipated, then the processors efficiency is reduced, and it could in time lead to the failure of that component. Therefore cooling a data centre is essential, and because of the concentrated amount of computer power, the cost can be considerable!

This is where Strip Curtains Direct comes in. We offer an Anti-Static Data Centre PVC Plastic Strip, which offers the same standard of craftsmanship as our standard PVC Strip but has the added benefit of an anti-static charge – which eliminates any static charge. This elimination of the possibility of static charge makes these discount strip curtains ideal for any data centre as a potential temperature control device.

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