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April 17, 2015

How Polar Grade Strip Curtains Can Help You this Summer

If you have a business which stores and/or sells food, one of the most important things you need to be aware of is food safety. Organisms linked to food poisoning can multiply very quickly in high risk foods like meat, fish, poultry, rice, milk, cream and eggs. These organisms can also grow quickly in sauces which contain any of the aforementioned foods, so things like mayonnaise, curry and sandwiches. Therefore, if your business stores, prepares or cooks any food, it is vital that it is kept and stored at the right temperature. You do not want your business to be responsible for people being made ill due to you not storing it properly.

High risk foods and foods that are ready to eat (i.e. food stuffs which do not need any extra cooking) must be kept very cold when it is in storage. Ideally, the walk in fridge or chiller it is kept in needs to be below 8°C, and freezers should ideally be below 18°c. To ensure that your fridge or chiller is working properly, you should shut the fridge doors as soon as possible, and monitor the temperature at least once a day and keep a track of the temperatures in a log book.

Other cold storage rules you should follow include:

  • Not overfilling the storage area – there should be room for the cold air to circulate
  • Ensure all food is packaged correctly and covered, in order to prevent odours from other foods contaminating it and to prevent drying out.
  • Never put warm food inside the same fridge as the cold food as this can cause the temperature in the fridge to rise, and may cause condensation.
  • Ensure you defrost the fridge regularly, as if it ices up it may not work as well as it should.

How do PVC Strip Curtains help you with keeping the food cold?

PVC Strip Curtains are basically the more economical way to separate two spaces by the use of overlapping strips of PVC. The most common places that Strip Curtains are used, is normally across a primary door which is left open for work purposes. Strip Curtains provide a barrier against noise and dirt, whilst allowing the free flow of people through an area. The clear polar grade plastic strips available from Strip Curtains Direct, are made from freezer grade PVC in order that they will remain flexible even at very low temperatures, and they can also prevent a number of pests, insects or birds entering the cold storage area which is ideal from a food safety point of view. When Polar Grade PVC Curtains are used in this context they will not only protect supplies and equipment, but can also help to reduce heater wear, filter maintenance, and coil icing; and assist in giving a longer shelf life to frozen items.

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