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March 26, 2015

Why Customer Service is So Important to UK Manufacturing

When you hear the term “customer service” you probably think about companies that deal directly with customers, such as retail outlets and hotels. However, “customer service” covers the service that a business provides to their customer before, during and after purchase. So, it is just as relevant in the context of UK manufacturing, as it is in service industries. As a UK Manufacturer of PVC strip curtains, Strip Curtains Direct understand the importance of customer service & indeed, it is the heart of our business.

Customer service is important to Strip Curtains Direct for the following reasons:

  • It decreases our customers barriers to buying
  • It helps to produce great word-of-mouth recommendations, and therefore improves our reputation
  • It encourages our customers to come back and buy from us again
  • It increases customer loyalty

We aim to:

  • Treat all of our customers respectfully
  • Understand our customers’ needs and wants, and do our best to cater for them
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Go out of way to help our customers get the strip curtains they need
  • Handle any complaints quickly and gracefully
  • Follow up on feedback

Recent research completed by Deloitte Research’s Global Manufacturing Industry Practice has shown that global manufacturing companies are not paying attention to the service side of their business and are essentially “putting their entire business models at risk.” A customer-orientated approach is essential in the harsh world of manufacturing today, where many UK manufacturers are competing against low-cost competitors, complex global supply chains, and very demanding customers.

The customer service side of a manufacturing operation adds value to the customer, and therefore keeps the manufacturer competitive. We may not have the cheapest product on the market, but we can offer you the best customer service in the UK.

With this in mind, we have included some great new services for you on our new website. For example, the “About Us” page shares some information about the business and our background, to give you a better understanding of Strip Curtains Direct and our values. We have also added a Product Calculator which enables you to get an instant quote on the strip curtains you require, and you can then buy them there and then using PayPal and you will receive free delivery.

At Strip Curtains Direct, PVC and plastic door curtains suppliers, we understand that our customers are our business's most important asset and that looking after you is essential to our success. Whenever we make a decision about the company, we always think about ours customers. We strive to ensure that all Strip Curtains Direct customers are happy customers.

If you would like to experience our high level of customer service, or get in touch, please contact us on 0333 999 71 71 or email at