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February 22, 2017

Strip Door Season is Here!

PVC Roll Can Help Keep The Cold Out.

In the warm summer months, production spaces and warehouses enjoy having their doors open wide so that fresh air can circulate throughout the space, keeping everyone cool and comfortable. However, at this time of year, with snow forecast, the same industrial units are doing their best to keep these same doors tightly shut, to trap the heat in and keep the cold firmly out!

However, keeping these doors closed can be a tricky job, especially when you are receiving shipments, moving goods between areas, and unloading and loading trucks. If garage doors and internal doors are left open to ease traffic flow, then cold air can get in which can quickly turn the working environment inside into an uncomfortable one.  People will then start turning the thermostat up or plugging in portable heaters, which means that your energy bills will quickly start to skyrocket too.

PVC Roll Helps Keep The Temperature Where You Want It To Be


One economical solution for beating the winter chill is to use strip doors. Installing a PVC strip curtain in a doorway allows passageways that experience high traffic to remain open allowing people and vehicles to pass freely, while still preventing cold air from intruding and warm air from escaping. Strip curtains can be added to any doorway that leads outside in order to avoid cold air getting in, and they can also be placed on internal doors with a view to keeping areas isolated and separate.

PVC roll is commonly used on the doorways between offices and production or warehouse areas of an industrial unit in order to keep these areas separate and comfortable. Larger strip curtains can be placed on loading dock doors individually, or on the area as a whole to keep it isolated from the rest of the facility. The use of PVC roll will keep cold air out during busy receiving and shipping times. Strip curtains are also really useful in separating unheated and heated spaces within a unit and allowing different zones within the unit that have differing heat requirements to be maintained.

The strip doors available from us are easy to install, as we offer a stainless steel hanging rail that can be installed with basic hand tools in a matter of minutes. We also offer stainless steel strip hanging plates from 200mm wide to 400mm wide, dependent on your door size and traffic usage. However, the most important part of any strip door has to be the door strips themselves.

At Strip Curtains Direct, we pride ourselves on offering the widest range of materials, options, colours and sizes of PVC roll in the North West. We offer smooth and ribbed strips for added resistance, and a multitude of colours are available as well. Our team have years of expertise in the area of PVC strip curtains and so work hard to ensure all the products we sell are easy to install and will offer you years of dependable operation.

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