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November 29, 2021

Stop Energy Loss in its Tracks

Energy loss can be detrimental to any business, costing them huge amounts when it comes to their energy. It is vital for any business owner to recognise this, regardless of the size of the business. This document from UKPower explains the rates that business might see on their energy bills typical as well as listing some tips on how best to lower a business’s energy bills;

There are a variety of methods to prevent energy loss affecting your place of work, especially in an industrial workplace that might be more prone to drafts and energy loss due to the scope and openness often seen in environments such as warehouses. One of the most obvious forms to minimise heat loss is to ensure there is an effective and proper draught excluder. Applicable to any sort of door, including garage doors and the like, effective draught excluders can ensure that heat does not escape an environment whilst also preventing draughts and the colder temperatures from outside entering an environment. Through the trapping of heat and the exclusion of colder temperatures, less energy is exerted to heat an environment and maintain such a temperature, meaning there is less money spent on energy bills every month. With small business having to keep an eye on the costs of things such as overhead and bills, utilising some of these solutions such as draught excluders may seem trivial but can save them a lot of money over the long run. Draught excluders can be applied to not only the bottom of a door, but also to the sides with these Clip on Side Draught Excluders to maximise the efficiency of their use and save further energy.

Other solutions that could be used to prevent energy and heat loss in a working environment are door seals. Door seals operate in the same manner as draught excluders, but they have the added benefit of securing doors to keep out leaks from entering underneath shutter doors. For this reason, a door seal can be vital to maintaining a clean and energy efficient warehouse, and with the added benefit of keeping out pests, door seals combined with draught stoppers are invaluable items to maintain an energy efficient and clean work environment.

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, we have a range of product that can help alleviate energy loss issues, sure up your workspace, and ensure that your business is running efficiently by not losing money on heat and energy loss;

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