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November 17, 2021

Picking the Right Warehouse Steps

warehouse steps

If working at heights is a regular occurrence for you or your employees, it is vital you own the right equipment as it can make all the difference when it comes to safety and reduce the risk of serious or even fatal injuries. 

Choosing the right warehouse steps, however, can be a minefield. That is why we here at Strip Curtains Direct have put together some of our warehouse steps options along with some information about them to help you choose.  


Step Ladders 

step ladder
Step ladders are quick to deploy and use at any moment. They are self-supporting which means you won’t need to lean them against anything to complete your task. The spreaders, which join both sides, lock, stopping the ladders from buckling. However, step ladders are mostly suited to short tasks with low levels of risks. 




Fort Domed Feet Steps 

domed steps

The Fort Domed Feet Steps, on the other hand, are an ideal solution when reaching and picking high-up in industrial environments. These steps are equipped with dome covered spring-loaded swivel castors which help them glide across the floor, but also stay firmly in position once body weight is applied; ensuring that you and your employees are kept safe whilst working. 

These warehouse steps have a few built-in safety features that include high handrails and supports. With the Fort Domed Feet Steps you can either choose steel mesh treads or anti-slip phenolic moulded treads, depending on the environment the steps will be used in. 

Our Fort Domed Feet Steps range from two to five steps and come in a range of colours. 


Fort Heavy Duty ‘Vantage’ Mobile Steps 

mobile steps

The Fort Heavy Duty ‘Vantage’ Mobile Steps have an all-welded steel construction and are a great option for any heavy-duty environment such as industrial or manufacturing. Due to the nature of the working environment they are made for, these warehouse steps are incredibly durable. 

Similarly to the Domed Feet Steps, the ‘Vantage’ is mobile with the use of its unique grip lift mechanism which allows easy movement on the retractable castors. In contrast to the Domed Feet Steps, however, the ‘Vantage’ is mounted on two fixed and two swivel castors and has a hand lever locking bar to mobilise the unit. 


If you require any further information or help choosing the correct warehouse steps for you and your employees, then our friendly sales team will be happy to help you. You can get in touch by calling 0333 999 7171 or emailing 

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