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June 15, 2021

How Many Types of Cold Storage Are There?


Cold Storage


Before the modern freezer was invented, the storage and transportation of perishable products was achieved with the use of an ice box; a wooden crate lined with zinc which was insulated with either cotton or straw and fitted with a block of ice.

Thanks to modern technology though, storing and transporting temperature-sensitive products has never been easier with the help of cold storage facilities.

After reading this article, you will know all about the different types of cold storage, as well as how to be energy efficient while using them.


But first of all, what is cold storage?

Cold storage is a commercial facility used for storing perishable products under controlled conditions for longer periods of time. It assists in preventing products from decaying or not adhering to laws and regulations that apply.


Types of cold storage

There are many different types of cold storage, ranging from individual units to entire facilities.

Here are a few types of cold storage:


Refrigerated containers:

Refrigerated containers are built to extremely high standards and are possibly the most energy efficient. They are robust and capable of enduring the demands of transportation by road, rail, as well as sea. Refrigerated containers are capable of storing a wide range of products and rely on power from a land-based site but can also be powered by a generator which attaches to the container.


Blast Freezers & Chillers:

Blast Freezers & Chillers are mostly used in the hospitality industry, as they can swiftly reduce the temperature of freshly cooked food while ensuring it retains its quality, taste and texture.


Cold Rooms:

A cold room, also known as a walk in, comes in a range of sizes and is ideal for large scale catering settings that require maximum storage capabilities. It offers both fridge and freezer temperature ranges and can be custom-built for specific spaces or specific rooms.


Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Storage:

The Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Storage units are used in hospitals and research institutions where strict temperature control is essential for storing medicines, vaccines, blood samples and more.

If the temperature alters ever so slightly, it may result to the products becoming unusable. This in turn can have a severe impact on the health of patients as well as increase the amount of waste a medical practice produces.  

This is why the Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Storage units are equipped with extra features such as an alarm system which goes off if there is a slight alteration to the unit’s temperature.



Plant-attached cold storage is the preferred option for some manufacturers who want to keep their cold storage in house. Products can be transported via conveyor straight from manufacturing to a dedicated cold storage facility on-site.


How to be energy efficient while using cold storage:

If cold storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses aren’t equipped with the highest quality doors and insulation, they can be incredibly inefficient.

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