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June 28, 2021

How Fly Screen Doors Protect Warehouses from Intrusions

Whatever environment you are in, protecting yourself from intrusions is of the upmost importance. Whether it be infection, insects, or unwanted pests, fly screen doors can help eliminate the possibility of such intrusions. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic this is now especially relevant and should be of the highest level of concern to those who work in a warehouse environment. This article from BBC News demonstrates the need to keep pests and insects out of working environments as they can carry up to 600 different bacteria that can lead to infections and illnesses:

Fly screen doors typically operate to keep out different types of insects, often of the flying variety such as flies, bees, wasps, midges, blow flies and so on. By keeping these pests out of the warehouse, you can protect your staff and products safe from any sort of contamination.

As well as the insects and pests that you would expect to be kept out by such a product, fly screen doors can also keep out more natural elements. Namely, dirt and UV rays emitted from the sun. Through tightening the spaces that flying insects can enter through, it also ensures that dirt cannot enter the facility as easily as might have done with regular doors in place by themselves. But in regards to intrusions from UV rays, fly screen doors can protect staff from any of the dangers of being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, which also applies to different products that might typically be overexposed and damaged by UV rays from the sun.

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, we provide a variety of different fly screen doors that include the versatile Standard Duty Doors that are ideal for domestic or small industrial purposes. Made using fibreglass mesh and fitted with a bristle strip underneath, it provides the perfect seal to keep insects and bacterial intrusions

Heavy Duty Door is the better option. Industrial workplaces have made this fly screen door an industry favourite for multiple years now and for good reason. With its durability and reliability due to it’s stainless steel mesh that is further reinforced with an aluminium grille. Keeping out the toughest and smallest of flying insects as well as dirt, the Heavy Duty Door is the ideal solution for keeping out intrusions in the warehouse.

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