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September 30, 2021

How can PVC Curtains Reduce Dust and Contamination?

No matter if it’s in the workplace, in the home or in a storage unit, exposure to vast and large amounts of dust can prove to be extremely harmful and lead to huge respiratory problems. Despite the danger that can be encountered from dust and inhalation of dust, a variety of different workplace tasks can create more dust, therefore, especially in industrial workspaces, it is imperative to put in place the proper and correct measures in place to ensure the highest level of safety. This leaflet from The Health and Safety Executive on ‘Dust in the Workplace’ lays out some of the dangers and how best to avoid the health risks that come with dust inhalation in the workplace. That is where PVC strip curtains can help. This blog post will detail some of the health risks that come with dust in the workplace and how PVC strip curtains can help counter these risks.

PVC strip curtains can act as the first line of defence from dust entering an area from an external or nearby area that might be more prone to collecting dust, such as a storeroom or even just from an outdoor environment. When measured correctly, the strength and durability of PVC curtains can effectively guard a doorway from various forms of exterior intrusions, whether it be insects, static and especially dust. Although even Standard Grade PVC Kits can work operate in an external or internal doorway to prevent intrusions. However, there are other, stronger and more purpose designed materials that can be used for a variety of needs. In the case of somewhere that may be prone to a higher rate of dust collection, more wind or traffic that may cause the openings in the PVC strips, other materials may be required. Other materials that could be better suited to keeping out dust and preventing further health issues. For example, the heavier duty Standard Double Ribbed PVC Curtain kits available on Strip Curtains Direct is designed to be able to deal with heavier traffic (pedestrian or vehicle) and more readily prepared to deal with heavier noise pollution and air pollution. Preventing air pollution in turn prevents dust being carried into a facility. These products would be ideal for an external doorway as they are designed and better prepared to protect areas from dust that is being carried in from outdoors, whether it be from vehicles, pedestrians, and their clothes or even just simply by the wind. Putting the precaution of a PVC strip curtain in place can provide a solid barrier against most external intruders, which includes dust.

Preventing dust is only one of the first parts of avoiding any possible health risks. Another risk that PVC strip curtain kits can help prevent is contamination and the spread of bacteria. Preventing the spread of dust can assist with this as the particles cannot carry any bacteria inside a workplace facility, but as well as this, PVC strip curtains can prevent bacteria spreading further as they have been designed to hold the bacteria. The best product for such an instance is the Antimicrobial PVC strip curtains which are available on Strip Curtains Direct. These kits use antimicrobial technology which means that the strips can kill harmful bacteria that encounters them. This prevents contamination as well as lessening the risk of an employee or someone within the facility falling ill or encountering further health problems.

Utilising PVC strip curtain kits increases the safety levels of your workplace, whether it be a coldstore, warehouse or factory, by preventing the collection and flow of dust whilst simultaneously lessening the chances of contamination.

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