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Defender 400 Welding Screen set up in a heavy-duty industrial environment, showcasing its sturdy frame and thick flame-retardant PVC for superior welding protection.
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    Defender 400 Welding Screen

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      Introducing the Defender 400 Welding Screens, the pinnacle of our welding protection solutions. Designed for extreme industrial conditions, these screens are the strongest in our range, offering unmatched protection against the hazards of welding, such as sparks, spatter, and harmful UV radiation.

      Why Choose Defender 400 Welding Screens for Your Facility?

      The Defender 400 series welding screens are built with the toughest materials and engineered to provide the highest level of safety in any welding environment. They are ideal for heavy industrial applications where maximum protection is essential.

      Key Benefits of Defender 400 Welding Screens:

      • Ultimate Protection: With a focus on safety, these screens offer a robust defence against all common welding hazards.
      • Extreme Durability: Made from the most durable materials, it can withstand the rigours of heavy industrial use without compromising performance.
      • Versatility in Use: Their modular design allows for flexible setups and easy movement within the workplace, adapting to various operational needs.

      Features of the Defender 400 Welding Screens:

      • Top-Grade Material: Constructed with a thick, flame-retardant PVC that ensures the highest safety and durability.
      • Ease of Assembly: Designed for quick setup and breakdown, facilitating efficient transitions and storage when not in use.
      • Comprehensive Coverage: Large dimensions provide extensive coverage, ensuring a safe environment for workers and equipment.

      Get Your Defender 400 Welding Screens Today!

      Ensure your workplace remains safe and compliant with our top-of-the-line Defender 400 Welding Screens. Visit our product page now for detailed information and to make your purchase, securing the best in welding safety for your team.

      Key Features:

      • Frame dimensions: 1960mm (6ft 4_) W x 1900mm (6ft 3_) H
      • Frame: 32.9mm diameter steel tube frame
      • PVC curtain dimensions: 1960mm (6ft 4_) W x 1600mm (5ft 3_) H
      • Curtain from floor: 320mm
      • PVC strip quantity: 1 x pack of 5 PVC strips
      • PVC strip size: 470mm W x 1580mm H
      • PVC thickness: 0.4mm