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    Defender 300 Welding Screen

      Additional information
      • Frame dimensions: 2065mm (6ft 7_) W x 1900mm (6ft 3_) H
      • Frame: 32.9mm diameter steel tube frame
      • PVC curtain dimensions: 1960mm (6ft 4_) W x 1600mm (5ft 3_) H
      • Curtain from floor: 320mm
      • PVC thickness: 0.4mm
      • Colour: Amber

      Elevate the safety and efficiency of your welding projects with our Defender 300 Welding Screens, designed to offer the highest level of protection and durability in demanding industrial settings. These screens are built to safeguard workers from the hazards of welding, such as UV radiation, sparks, and spatter.

      Why Defender 300 Welding Screens Are Ideal for Industrial Use:

      The Defender 300 series is the most robust option in our welding screens line-up, featuring enhanced materials and construction to withstand even the most severe welding environments. These screens are an essential component in maintaining a safe and compliant workspace.

      Top Benefits of Defender 300 Welding Screens:

      • Maximum Protection: This product provides comprehensive shielding against intense UV rays, sparks, and spatter, essential for protecting the welder and nearby personnel.
      • Heavy-Duty Build: Constructed with premium materials for increased longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
      • Adaptable Setup: Offers flexibility in configuration and placement, with easy-to-move designs that adapt to various workspace needs.

      Features of the Defender 300 Welding Screens:

      • Superior Material Quality: Utilizes thick, flame-retardant PVC that ensures durability and safety under intense conditions.
      • Quick Assembly: Features a modular design that can be easily set up and taken down, allowing for rapid deployment and reconfiguration.
      • Effective Safety Compliance: Meets or exceeds all safety standards for welding screens, ensuring a secure environment for all welding activities.

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      Opt for the ultimate in welding safety with our Defender 300 Welding Screens. Check out our product page today for more details and to place your order, ensuring your operations are safe, compliant, and efficient.