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Tempro® Roll Cage Cover snugly fitted over a standard transport cage, showcasing its thick insulation and secure fastenings for optimal temperature control.
Tempro® Roll Cage Cover snugly fitted over a standard transport cage, showcasing its thick insulation and secure fastenings for optimal temperature control.

    Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners

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      • High-quality insulation to maintain the temperature and integrity of goods during transport
      • Durable construction to withstand frequent use and harsh handling conditions
      • Lightweight and easy to handle for efficient loading and unloading
      • Provides protection against contamination, dust, and other environmental factors
      • Versatile design fits various roll cage sizes, ensuring a secure fit
      • Simple to install and remove, enhancing operational efficiency
      • Customizable options to meet specific needs and dimensions

      Maximise your goods' protection and temperature control in transit with our Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners. Ideal for maintaining the integrity of perishable items, these covers are designed to fit standard roll cages used in the transportation and storage industries.

      Why Choose Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners?

      Our Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners are crafted with high-quality, insulated materials that provide superior temperature control, ensuring your goods stay at the desired temperature throughout transportation or storage. These covers have been successfully used in industries requiring stringent temperature regulations, such as food service, pharmaceuticals, and catering, to transport and store items like [specific examples of items].

      Key Benefits of Tempro® Roll Cage Covers:

      • Enhanced Temperature Stability: Preserve optimal conditions during transit, reducing spoilage and ensuring product quality.
      • Experience the Convenience of our Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners. Made from robust, lightweight materials, they are a breeze to handle and apply, even for regular use.
      • Enjoy the perfect fit with our Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners. Designed to accommodate various roll cage sizes and configurations, they provide a snug, effective fit that's tailored to your needs.

      Features of Our Roll Cage Covers & Liners:

      The Tempro® Roll Cage Covers are equipped with several features to enhance their utility and performance:

      • High Insulation Properties: Utilizes advanced materials to maintain temperature consistency.
      • Water-Resistant and Hygienic: Prevents moisture ingress and is easy to clean, promoting a hygienic environment for sensitive products.
      • Secure Fastenings: Comes with adjustable straps or zippers to ensure the covers stay in place, even during movement.

      Order Your Tempro® Roll Cage Covers Today!

      Rest easy knowing that your products are in safe hands with our Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners. Invest in the best transport and storage solutions for your temperature-sensitive goods today.


      • Tempro® Covers enable mixed temperature loads on any vehicle to save significantly on costs.
      • Tempro® covers can be closed using Velcro, Zips, or a produced sleeve.
      • Tempro® Cage Covers are tailor-made, but some sizes are available ex-stock.
      • Tempro® Covers save time by passing Cold Rooms and reducing labour and transport costs by 60%.
      • Palletised goods will be temperature-protected.
      • The working lives of covers can be extended by repair, or the covers can be recycled.
      • Tempro® Covers offer outstanding Thermal Protection in alien conditions.
      • Tempro® cage covers and liners are lightweight, easily stored, and have optional carry handles.
      • The external material is Blue PU Nylon and White PU Nylon internally.
      • The insulation grade is TF25 Standard Tempro® with an intrinsic thermal resistance of 0.66m²K/W.
      • Tempro® is Fire Retardant to BS 5867: Pt 2 1980.

       Thermal Information

      Below is a table showing the results attained by Campden BRI during testing:

      Figures may be improved when Tempro® is matched with different face or lining materials or if a heavier Tempro® core specification is demanded.

      Tempro® Technical information and trial results are available.