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Super Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtains Replacement Strip

    Super Polar Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm x 2mm

      Additional information
      • Energy saving
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Suitable for temperatures from -10c - +38c

      Our Super Polar Grade Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm ensures optimal conditions in your cold storage areas. Designed specifically for deep freeze environments such as walk-in freezers, cold rooms, and refrigeration units, this replacement strip is crucial for preserving critical temperatures and ensuring the seamless operation of your cold storage facilities.

      Specially Formulated for Extreme Cold

      Our Super Polar Grade PVC strip is engineered to withstand the harshest cold environments, performing effectively in temperatures as low as -50°C. This ensures that your cold storage solutions function optimally, preserving goods while minimising energy loss.

      200mm Width for Complete Coverage

      The 200mm width of this replacement strip offers full doorway coverage, creating an effective barrier against temperature fluctuations. This width is ideal for maintaining the integrity of your cold storage environment, ensuring consistent temperatures and reducing operational costs.

      Durable and Transparent for Safety and Efficiency

      Crafted from high-quality materials, the Super Polar Grade Curtain Replacement Strip retains flexibility and clarity even in extreme conditions, ensuring long-term durability and visibility. This transparency is crucial for safe navigation and efficient operations within cold storage areas.

      Energy-Saving and Hygienic

      By replacing worn or damaged strips with our Super Polar Grade PVC, you can enhance the energy efficiency of your cooling systems and maintain a hygienic environment. The strip is a barrier against contaminants, contributing to a cleaner, more controlled space.

      Easy Installation for Immediate Results

      Designed for quick and easy installation, this replacement strip allows you to promptly address any issues with your existing curtains, reducing downtime and maintaining continuous protection against the cold.

      Optimise Your Cold Storage Performance

      Reinforce the effectiveness of your cold storage with our 200 mm Super Polar Grade Curtain Replacement Strip. Visit Strip Curtains Direct now to secure your replacement and ensure your facilities operate efficiently.